NRA Executive VP unveils new ad campaign in Utah

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SALT LAKE CITY -- One of the most polarizing figures in the high-profile debate over gun rights unveiled a new ad campaign in Salt Lake City on Saturday.

Wayne LaPierre is the executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, and many gun activists view him as a defender of their rights. Others see him differently—The New York Times called a speech he gave following the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut an “almost deranged rant.”

LaPierre spoke at the Western Hunting and Conservation Banquet, held at the Salt Palace, and he made a case against increasing background checks, which he said have ulterior motives.

“This is not universal background checks, this is universal registration of all of your firearms and all of people like you all over America,” he said.

LaPierre’s ad campaign, which he unveiled during his speech, makes the claim that Democrats want to create a system of required registration for all firearms.

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