Testing to begin soon on Draper TRAX line

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DRAPER, Utah -- UTA will soon be testing its trains along the new Draper TRAX line.

The transit authority won’t begin testing the 3.8-mile extension of the Sandy-Salt Lake Blue Line until February, but they need to prepare.

The Federal Transit Administration will inspect the line first, and then trains will move slowly along the tracks during the six-week test phase.

UTA Spokesperson Steve Allnatt said safety is a top concern.

“UTA is going to be running in areas where people aren’t used to trains coming through, so we urge everyone to be very cautious—pedestrians, motorists, bicyclists” he said. “And in fact during the testing period we’ll have flaggers at every crossing just to ensure that everything is safe and people realize that a train is coming.”

The Draper line will have stations at 114th and 118th South as well as on Pioneer Road. It will officially open for use in August.