Skouchers put new twist on winter sports

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SALT LAKE CITY -- For those who have grown tired of the traditional winter sports like skiing and sledding, there is a slightly more odd option: Skouching.

The winter sport requires a couch with skis screwed to the bottom and the willingness to ride the contraption down a snow-covered hill.

Nick Edwards said he and several of his friends created skouching a few years ago while looking for something fun to do. He said the number of riders on a couch is usually about five, but can get much higher.

“We usually put five people on a run on a couch, enough to push it back up the hill,” he said. “But our max, I believe, was like 20.”

Skouchers were at the Mountain Dell Golf Course on Saturday, and if you’d like to join them next time, they say to find them on Facebook.

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