The presidential campaign Utahns aren’t seeing

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SALT LAKE CITY - In Utah, we've seen more than $5 million in political ads for local races, but in Colorado, that number is closer to $30 million for the presidential race alone.

Colorado and its 9 electoral votes are up for grabs with the race between Romney and Obama staying very close, so Coloradans tuning into their nightly news will see a lot of political ads.

Celebrities like Morgan Freeman and politicians like Bill Clinton are shown, along with average Americans who are trying to persuade voters to choose their candidate.

"It's true that most of the ads that are running on our air, on cable buys, those are presidential campaign ads," said Eli Stokols, a political reporter for KDVR in Denver.

Since Utah is a solid Republican state, presidential candidates won't spend much time or money here, but with all the time spent in Colorado, a visit doesn't mean a top story.

"Because as much as these candidates have been here, we've seen them a lot so our viewers know this is a swing state. They're used to the ads, they're used to the candidates visiting and being on the ground a lot," Stokols said.

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