Parents mark anniversary of son’s death with positive message

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WEST JORDAN, Utah -- The parents of a West Jordan teen who died after being hit by a car are trying to spread a special message from him on the one-year anniversary of his death.

Collin Worland was a typical spunky 13-year-old, complete with off-hand comments for nearly every request by his parents.

'I`d ask him why he left his shoes in the middle of the floor and his response was ‘because I`m awesome,’” said Collin’s mother Erin.

Erin Worland says her son’s comments were a bit sarcastic at the time, but are now profound.

Collin was hit by a car and killed while walking to school in West Jordan on Nov. 2, 2011.

“It`s been hard. Every day is a struggle,” said Erin.

His now famous phrase 'because I’m awesome' adorns his headstone.

'Awesome isn`t quite a good enough word for him, but it`s the best we've got,” says Erin. “He just was amazing.”

Now, one year later, Collin`s family wants him to be remembered by reminding everyone that they are awesome on November second.

“It`s a day for everybody to feel good about themselves and to acknowledge their own ways of being awesome,” says Erin.

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