Clinic offers candy exchange for troops overseas

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OGDEN -- If the kids came away with too big of a candy haul this Halloween, you might consider giving it away.

The Ogden Clinic is buying back candy for movie passes with the idea to help kids stay healthy by sharing the wealth.

The event is for “Operation Gratitude," which organizes giving candy to soldiers serving overseas. The soldiers then give out the candy to children in Afghanistan.

“They kind of had to have a payoff, so the fact that there are movie passes involved got them motivated,” said mother Bonnie Harris.

The Ogden Clinic says the idea is to limit the amount of candy children consume.

“One of our problems with childhood obesity is just portion size,” said Ogden Clinic pediatrician Mindy Boehm. “ If you read the back of a label the portion size is a lot smaller than we really want.”

Even though it is hard to part with that hard-earned bag of sweets, 9-year-old Jackson Harris is quite willing to give his candy away for a good cause.

“I feel pretty good about giving away part of my candy,” said Jackson.

Jackson admits he mostly feels that way because he has a hidden stash at home.

“I have been trying to hide it from my little brother,” said Jackson.

A five dollar gift card is given for each bag of candy exchanged.

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