Program aims to teach kids dangers of pornography

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KAYSVILLE, Utah -- Some Utah junior high school students attended an assembly Friday addressing the dangers of pornography.

The national program, called "Fight the New Drug," is helping teens who are addicted to pornography. School officials held an assembly at Centennial Junior High School in Kaysville.

The largest group of viewers of Internet pornography is children between the ages of 12 and 17, according to Family Safe Media. Many experts have liken pornography addictions to drug addictions.

A representative for the program said they receive emails from people who have had their lives torn apart by the addition.

"We get emails from people that just, kind of are sobbing in a sense, saying 'had I known, had I know what this really was, I would never have touched this stuff,'" said Clay Olsen, with Fight the New Drug. "Really it comes down to education, helping them understand what the impacts really can be."

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