Lehi Roller Mills employees say they haven’t been paid

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LEHI, Utah - A small group of protesters stood outside Lehi Roller Mills Monday afternoon, saying they haven't been paid.

Some of the protesters say they've worked at the mills for years, but say their paychecks have become irregular. They protested outside the mills on Monday in hopes of improving the work and pay situation.

"We have families, we need to take care of them, we have rent to pay," said Mariela Tolentino, an employee at the mills. "We're protesting for not getting paid and unfairness at our job."

Lehi Roller Mills president Sherman Robinson says the economy left the business in a lurch when their bank closed, and Tolentino says that's the company's excuse for their irregular paychecks.

"They've had jobs all through this period, and they've all been paid, albeit late at times," said Robinson. "There's nothing that is binding them to work here. I'm late on my rent. I personally, and management hasn't had paychecks either."

The protesters say they've been laid off, but Robinson says he has nothing to hide and paychecks will be ready to be picked up on Tuesday. The protesting employees will be asked if they'd like to work next week.

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