Woman holds rally to prevent dog from euthanasia

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SALT LAKE CITY – A woman helped organize a rally Saturday morning to show support for pit bulls.

23-year-old Aaron Ray Thomas, Brittany Wright’s cousin, allegedly ordered his dog Gotti to attack a Salt Lake City police officer on Monday morning. Thomas was arrested last week and now faces charges and Wright says Gotti is still in quarantine.

Now she’s fighting to keep Gotti from being euthanized. She says it’s Thomas’ fault, not Gotti’s, that he attacked the officer.

“We need to change the judge’s mind in putting him down because I think he deserves another shot,” said Wright. “He was just obeying commands that his owner told him to do just like any dog that loves their owner would do.”

This is the second time in less than a month that Thomas has been arrested for allegedly calling on Gotti to attack someone. On May 15, Thomas was arrested after ordering Gotti to attack a man in a motorized wheelchair.

Wright says she wants to get Gotti better training and go to a loving home.

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