Restored pianos become artwork in Park City

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PARK CITY - A Park City group is spreading joy through music. They're finding old pianos, repainting and restoring them for display in community centers.

The group has already put one piano on display in Summit County. A 60-year-old piano had been sitting in a garage for years before its owner donated the instrument to Summit County.

It has since been repainted in different hues of blue to reflect the Jazz and Blues era in music and put on display at the lobby of the Transit Center behind Park City's Main Street.

"We just wanted to bring a project back to Park City that brought some fun to our town," said Mark Maziarz, one of the project's founders. "In the wintertime, there's hundreds of thousands of people who come through the Transit Center every day. We just love the idea of somebody seeing the piano and coming up to start playing it, and a crowd gathering around to listen to a performance while they wait for the bus."

Artists wanting to decorate the donated pianos submit their drawings. The winning artist gets paid $650 and a chance to share their work with thousands of music lovers.

For more information on the art pianos, visit:

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