• Santa Clara seeks FEMA funding in face of slow moving landslide

    SANTA CLARA, Utah – A slow moving landslide in southern Utah has been threatening homes for decades. City engineers have tried various ways of mitigating the danger, and now they’re looking for help from the federal government. In July, Santa Clara applied for a FEMA Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant to help fund a new plan to […]

  • HealthFix: Breast Cancer Risks and Genetic Testing

    BRCA Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer: Are you a candidate? In some women, abnormalities in two genes – BRCA1 and BRCA2 – have been linked to the increased risk of breast cancer. A gene can develop a mutation that changes the way the cells function and grow. In normal BRCA gene function, proteins are created […]

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    Utah’s fattest and fittest cities by neighborhood, check your area’s rank

    SALT LAKE CITY – The Utah Department of Health has just released new findings showing the fattest and fittest parts of Utah by neighborhood. The numbers also show the areas where the most smokers live as well as the cities with the highest suicide rates, heart disease rates, the most prescription drug abuse and cancer deaths. […]

  • Exteriors of  Washington D.C. FBI Field Headquarters

    FBI launches a face recognition system

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The FBI can now quickly identify people just by looking at their faces, eyes, voice, palm print and walking stride. It’s called the FBI’s Next Generation Identification system, and the agency said it became fully operational Monday. The government expects the system’s database to house 51 million photographs by next year […]

  • Courtesy: WDRB and Clark County Jail via WXIN

    Utah ex-con charged with murdering ex-girlfriend, eating parts of her body

    Warning: Video may not be suitable for all audiences. JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. – A Utah ex-con is now facing felony charges for the grisly murder of an Indiana woman. Court documents also show he admitted to eating the woman’s organs. Joseph Oberhansley, 33, is accused of the Sept. 11 stabbing death of his ex-girlfriend, 46-year-old Tammy […]

  • Explosions near Deer Creek cause alarm

    UTAH COUNTY — Some people thought it was a plane crash; others thought maybe an explosion – but they knew for sure a series of loud booms and smoke could be witnessed coming from Cascade Springs Sunday afternoon. “I heard a big boom and we weren’t quite sure what it was and I was out […]

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    UPDATE: Saratoga Springs Police Chief apologizes for Facebook post

    UPDATE: Saratoga Springs Police Chief Andrew Barton issued an apology for a Facebook post that criticized the media for its coverage on an officer-involved shooting last week. The post was written on the Saratoga Springs police Facebook page. “We apologize for this comment and have removed the comment. We ask the media and the public […]

  • Yusuke Kirimoto: From 'sumo wrestler' to distance runner

    Man loses 102 pounds; From Sumo wrestler to distance runner

    Yusuke Kirimoto was always overweight. When he visited his relatives in Japan, they would jokingly say, “the sumo wrestler is back.” Their comments were meant to be funny but Kirimoto still felt the sting. Kirimoto and his wife Megumi had their daughter Sara in 2006. Like many toddlers, Sara would run around their Westminster, Colorado, […]

  • Vigil held for man fatally shot by police in Saratoga Springs

    SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah — A candlelight vigil was held in Saratoga Springs Sunday night to remember the man who was shot and killed by police on Wednesday. “I just miss him so much already, I can’t believe that he is really gone, and that he was killed so unjustly in my eyes, I can’t believe […]

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    Lawyer: Secret children, living and dead, hidden by squalor for years

    By Kevin Conlon CNN (CNN) — It was a shocking and gruesome discovery: three dead infants found in a Massachusetts home so squalid that police officers had to search it in hazmat suits. Now, days later, as investigators continue to search through what the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office describes as the home’s “deplorable conditions […]

  • A photo of Darrien Hunt.

    Authorities say race did not play ‘any role’ in fatal shooting of man in Saratoga Springs

    SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah – Personnel with the Utah County Attorney’s Office released a statement Saturday regarding a fatal officer-involved shooting that occurred in Saratoga Springs earlier this week, and a vigil for the man and his family is planned for Sunday night. The statement regarding the fatal shooting of 22-year-old Darrien Hunt issued Saturday is […]

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    Fire in Ogden does estimated $25,000 in damages

    OGDEN, Utah — A van is a total loss and structures sustained damage after a fire in Ogden Saturday morning. According to information from the Ogden City Fire Department, the fire was at a structure described as a garage/shed in the area of 1100 Orchard Avenue; the fire also involved a storage shed and a […]