• bigger-colors

    How many colors do you see? The validity of this test is questionable

    Your Facebook friends may be falsely identifying themselves as tetrachromats, thanks to a color test that has been making the rounds. After the color controversy over a black and blue dress, or is it white and gold, an article on LinkedIn that purports to explain why people see different colors is circulating this week. The […]

  • Boris Nemtsov in an undated file photo. Photo: Ilya Schurov / MGN

    Boris Nemtsov, outspoken Putin critic, shot dead in Moscow

    By Frederik Pleitgen, Steve Almasy and Gena Somra MOSCOW (CNN) — Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was killed Friday night, shot several times from a car on a bridge he was walking across, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation said in a statement Saturday. He was deputy prime minister in the late 1990s under […]

  • Cropped Photo: Ramsey Family Photo / MGN

    JonBenet Ramsey case: 9 things the ex-police chief just revealed

    By AJ Willingham HLN (HLN) — It’s easy to feel a little sad for Mark Beckner, the former Boulder, Colorado, police chief and Reddit newbie who did an Ask Me Anything segment this weekend, unaware that his answers were accessible to the entire world. Beckner was the police chief during the JonBenet Ramsey case. Six-year-old […]

  • Salt Lake City Council recommends closing three golf courses to keep system solvent

    SALT LAKE CITY – The number of golf courses could be cut in the near future. After months of discussion, the Salt Lake City Council sent recommendations to the mayor to close up to three more golf courses, including Glendale. “It’s heartbreaking to lose a golf course in my district. It’s a beautiful course, but […]

  • capitol

    House Speaker declares “Healthy Utah” plan dead in the legislature

    SALT LAKE CITY — In comments to reporters on Wednesday, House Speaker Greg Hughes declared that “Healthy Utah” — the Medicaid expansion plan supported by the governor and passed by the Senate — would not be going anywhere in the House. “We’re done with the proposal of Healthy Utah,” Hughes said, adding that it would […]

  • Peanuts key to avoid future peanut allergy, study shows

    SALT LAKE CITY — We’ve all heard for years that kids should not have peanuts until they’re a few years old to prevent the development of peanut allergies. That theory has been debunked. New study findings show it’s better to give kids peanuts when they’re just a few months old. The Learning Early About Peanut […]

  • Peanut, almond and nut butters recalled on fears of salmonella

    Peanut allergy may be preventable new study shows

    Parents who have children with food allergies know all too well about the headaches in keeping their lives “nut-free.” But a new study suggests that peanut allergy can be prevented at a young age by embracing peanuts, not avoiding them. Eating peanut products as a baby significantly reduces the risk of developing the allergy by […]

  • mom

    Blogger who published ‘Why moms get nothing done’ video speaks out

    (CNN) — Ever feel like that laundry pile never gets smaller or the kitchen never stays clean, especially when children are around? Florida mother Esther Anderson knows the feeling well thanks to 15-month-old Ellia. Whenever she turns her back on a neatly folded stack of clothing or a dust pile it’s only a matter of […]

  • Active-looking pedestrian signs could lead to fewer fatal accidents, BYU study shows

    SALT LAKE CITY — Last year, 37 people died in auto-pedestrian accidents in Utah. “Pedestrian safety is a major concern. Already this year we’ve had eight pedestrians that have been killed on Utah roadways that’s 31 percent of our traffic fatalities,” said John Gleason, spokesman for Utah Department of Transportation. New research from Brigham Young […]

  • JAred York mug

    ‘Intense negotiations’ result in arrest after suspect flees from police, puts gun to his head

    HENEFER, Utah — An armed suspect in a pursuit near Henefer has been captured after police followed up on a tip from a citizen, and shots were fired during the pursuit. There were no injuries reported. Ron Bridge, Summit County Sheriff’s Office, said the incident began around 2 p.m. in Morgan County. A press release […]

  • Watch: Canadian lawmaker cites half-priced underwear to defend absence during vote

    A brief issue forced a Canadian politician to leave his seat after voting on a procedural motion, leading another legislator to question whether or not the vote would still count since the man had left his seat as the results were still being tallied–which is a violation of parliamentary rules. Winnipeg Centre MP Pat Martin […]

  • 11-08-marijuana

    Medical marijuana bill set to be unveiled in the Utah State Legislature

    SALT LAKE CITY — A bill that would allow for medical-grade cannabis in Utah is set to be unveiled in the state legislature. The bill, simply titled, “Medical Cannabis Amendments,” has not been released yet. Its sponsor, Sen. Mark Madsen, R-Saratoga Springs, declined to comment to FOX 13 about it on Friday saying he was […]