• Hundreds of thousands gather on the National Mall in Washington DC for the Women's March.

    Women descend on Washington to protest Trump’s agenda

    By Maeve Reston WASHINGTON (CNN) — Streets in the monumental core of downtown Washington were brought to a standstill Saturday as droves of women marched to protest Donald Trump’s presidency and his history of derogatory comments about women. Protesters filled Pennsylvania Avenue, the same iconic street Trump walked down a day before during his inaugural parade, as they moved in the direction of the White House. The large turnout wasn’t limited to Washington. Similar protests unfolded throughout the day in […]

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    Federal investigators team up with state, local agencies to crack down on mail thieves

    SALT LAKE CITY – There’s a renewed push from federal investigators to track down mail thieves and prosecute them, and it was a busy holiday season for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Utah. Friday, they announced the arrests of several suspects for mail theft. Investigators say Michael Rucker and Britney Knight followed a mail truck in a Cottonwood Heights neighborhood and stole packages from porches. The pair allegedly sped away from police in their vehicle, nearly hitting elderly pedestrians on […]

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    Data shows 2016 was deadliest year on Utah roads in last decade

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — The Department of Public Safety and Utah Department of Transportation released their 2016 fatality numbers Wednesday, and they say the numbers are the highest they’ve seen in the last decade. “I see people, I see lost lives, I see lost opportunities, I see families grieving,” said Carlos Braceras, Executive Director of UDOT. These numbers are the highest they’ve seen in the last 10 years. “We lose over 35,000 people a year in roadway deaths in […]

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    Obama approval rating hits 60% as end of term approaches

    WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama will leave office Friday with his highest approval rating since 2009, his presidency largely viewed as a success, and a majority saying they will miss him when he is gone. A new CNN/ORC poll finds Obama’s approval rating stands at 60%, his best mark since June of his first year in office. Compared with other outgoing presidents, Obama lands near the top of the list, outranked only by Bill Clinton’s 66% in January 2001 and Ronald […]

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    How to take good candid pictures of your kids

    Professional photographer Meg Turley shares her tips for capturing great candid photos of your children. To see more from Meg go here. Whether I`m photographing my own kids or clients, my approach to getting good candid photographs is the same. We want our photos to tell stories. Who our kids are, what they love, what they`re playing with at age 3 (or whatever age they might be), and we want these photos to look natural and effortless. There are a […]

  • A still image of the Flag of Mexico.

    Mexico warns Trump on tariffs: We’ll respond ‘immediately’

    By Patrick Gillespie NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Mexico’s economy minister sent Donald Trump a fighting message: We will retaliate right away if you hit us with a “major border tax.” “It’s very clear that we have to be prepared to immediately be able to neutralize the impact of a measure of that nature,” economy minister Ildefonso Guajardo said Friday on a Mexican news show. Guajardo also predicted that Trump’s threat of a 35% tariff against Mexico, if carried out, would […]

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    Battle begins over the ‘Internet Sales Tax’ bill

    SALT LAKE CITY — Opponents of a bill that would have online retailers collect Utah sales tax on purchases made here are gearing up for another fight in the state legislature. At a pre-legislative session luncheon on Friday, the conservative group Americans for Prosperity outlined its opposition to what’s been nicknamed the “Internet Sales Tax bill.” It’s not a new tax (or even a tax on the Internet), but legislation that would set a mechanism to collect sales taxes already owed […]

  • Researchers warn that salmon caught anywhere along the Pacific coast of North America may be infected.

    US salmon may carry Japanese tapeworm, scientists say

    If you eat raw or undercooked fish, you risk developing an infection from parasites. One of the most gruesome is tapeworm, a species of digestive tract-invading parasites that includes Diphyllobothrium nihonkaiense, or the Japanese broad tapeworm. Though this worm was commonly believed to infect only fish in Asia, a study published Wednesday in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s monthly journal Emerging Infectious Diseases says wild salmon caught in Alaska had also been infected by this parasite. Based on […]

  • A tanker hauling whey rolled over off I-84 in Box Elder County Sunday. Image Courtesy Box Elder County Sheriff's Office.

    Freezing rain, icy roads create issues for drivers in northern Utah Sunday

    SALT LAKE CITY – It’s a somewhat unfamiliar sight in the Salt Lake Valley. With temperatures straddling the freezing mark Sunday morning, rain falling from above turned to ice near surface levels, or within minutes of touching the ground. Below-freezing temperatures over the past few days have left the ground cool, helping to freeze sitting water. As a result, many people woke Sunday to find a thin layer of sleet on their windshields that was hard to scrape off. That […]

  • Supporters celebrate the creation of Bears Ears National Monument in Utah. Images courtesy Utah Dine Bikeyah.

    Hundreds attend celebration of Bears Ears National Monument

    MONUMENT VALLEY, Utah — Members of Native American tribes and other backers of the Bears Ears National Monument in Utah are celebrating this weekend. Hundreds gathered in Monument Valley Saturday to show their support for President Barack Obama’s decision to create the 1.3 million-acre national monument in the Beehive State. Russell Begaye, President of the Navajo Nation, said they vow to protect the monument, which he said was created partly as a result of the activism of those who attended Saturday’s event. “It’s a […]

  • Images courtesy U.S. Department of State/MGN

    10 most damning findings from report on Russian election interference

    By Eugene Scott (CNN) — The US intelligence community concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an “influence campaign” to harm Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the 2016 election. The declassified reported, released Friday, determined with “high confidence” that Russia’s interference — consisting of hacking Democratic groups and individuals and releasing that information via third-party websites, including WikiLeaks — helped President-elect Donald Trump win the election. Here are some of the highlights from the report. 1. Goal was to undermine […]

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    Large steam leak contained at University of Utah Hospital

    SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake City firefighters and University of Utah officials have contained a large steam leak near the University of Utah Hospital’s Trauma Center. Dispatchers received a report of an explosion near the hospital’s main entrance around 1 p.m. Friday. Salt Lake City firefighters, U of U police and officials from the university’s facilities department responded to the scene. “It sounds like, probably due to the cold weather, [University of Utah Hospital] had a leak in a plumbing system that has […]