• Report: Iowa results now show Santorum winning by 34 votes


  • Primary Election

    Bigelow advances in WVC mayor race

    West Valley City residents advance Ron Bigelow in the primary election Tuesday night with 1,989 votes. Karen Lang came in second with 1,053 and Councilman Don Christensen with 1,018. View the unofficial results to Salt Lake County’s primary elections here: https://secure.slco.org/clerk/elections/results/public/

  • World News

    Declared loser of Venezuela’s presidential election does not admit defeat

    (CNN) — Nicolas Maduro has won Venezuela’s presidential election, according to a tally released by elections officials Sunday night. With 99% of votes counted, Maduro had won 50.6% of votes, National Electoral Council President Tibisay Lucena said, calling the results “irreversible.” Denouncing election irregularities, Venezuelan opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski said early Monday that he […]

  • Reading program celebrates kids’ success with field day

    OREM, Utah — Utah’s Road to Success program was established by educators five years ago in order to help boost the reading levels of elementary school students in the state. Reading scores have improved as a result, and several elementary school students in Orem celebrated those results along with some Brigham Young University athletes at […]

  • 11-06-dixville-notch

    A tie for Obama and Romney in nation’s first results

    By Ed Payne (CNN) — The first presidential election results are in — and it’s a tie. President Barack Obama and his Republican rival, Mitt Romney, each received five votes in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. The town in the state’s northeast corner has opened its polls shortly after midnight each election day since 1960 — […]

  • Dramatization demonstrates dangers of distracted driving

    OGDEN, Utah — Distracted driving can lead to accidents that result in injuries and death, and a group called Zero Fatalities is working to stop accidents caused by distractions like talking, texting and eating. The group gave an eye-opening presentation at Bonneville High School Thursday, as volunteers showed students just how grisly the results of […]

  • Ogden launches Re-Ogden branding campaign

    OGDEN, Utah — The city of Ogden is seeking to re-brand itself in an effort to increase business numbers. The re-branding campaign is called Re-Ogden. Billboards have gone up advertising the campaign, showing that Ogden has cleaned up areas once covered in pollutants and hazardous substances. City leaders said the campaign is a result of […]

  • National News

    Police: 1 dead, 2 hurt in Bally’s casino shooting

    By Celina Tuason Las Vegas (KVVU) — Police said at least one person was killed while two others were injured after a shooting inside Bally’s Hotel and Casino Monday. Las Vegas Metro police indicated at least one shooting death as a result of the incident that happened just after 5:45 a.m. Monday. Metro also said […]

  • Link: Article: Physical Punishment and Mental Disorders

    Link: Article: Physical Punishment and Mental Disorders: Results From a Nationally Representative US Sample

  • Thanksgiving prank

    Viral Video: Thanksgiving dinner prank

    YouTuber and prankster Roman Atwood decided to play a Thanksgiving trick on his family, and the result is explodingĀ online.  

  • BYU study: 7 hours of sleep nets top test scores

    A team of economists at Brigham Young University set out to determine whether there is a relationship between the number of hours of sleep a student gets each night and how well he performs on standardized tests.

  • Healthy Food Awards

    Carin Gorrell, Self Magazine’s nutrition director, spoke with Good Day Utah on Wednesday about the results of the magazine’s 4th Annual Healthy Food Awards.