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  • Uniquely Utah: Popular taco carts will outlast Sears in Salt Lake City

    SALT LAKE CITY — Earlier this week Sears announced they plan to close several stores around the nation, including one in downtown Salt Lake City. While some will surely miss the store when it leaves, others are worried about the taco carts that do business out front. Todd Tanner takes a look at their future in this week’s Uniquely Utah.

  • Police: Paul Swenson discussed death with friends, family before his disappearance; traded his BMW for a bike

    AMERICAN FORK, Utah — For two and a half weeks this past summer, tens of thousands of people helped look for a missing man named Paul Swenson. The 30-year-old from American Fork was a husband and new father with many friends. After 17 days of exhaustive searching by police and volunteers, Paul’s body was found in South Salt Lake on August 13. Questions have lingered about exactly how and when Paul died, and if there were any missed opportunities to […]

  • Look at this extreme Halloween house in Sandy

    SANDY, Utah — A Sandy family has an annual tradition of transitioning their house into a different Halloween fantasy each year. Michael Draper is the mastermind of the designs, and his entire family helps, and dresses in costumes coordinated to the themes. Many of the custom design elements Michael makes for his home have gone on to be utilized around Utah once Halloween is over. Check out 2017’s design in the video.

  • Inside Utah’s Museum of Haunted and Mysterious Objects

    PROVO, Utah – If an object you owned creeped you out, would you throw it out? Cat’s Cradle Antiques on Provo’s Center Street has long been a place where unusual items are bought and sold. However, a handful of pieces are kept out of public view in a private collection Greene Rollins calls “The Museum of Haunted and Mysterious Objects.” One such item is a doll named Marci. Greene says Marci was the inspiration for his museum after several customers had […]

  • The mystery of Utah’s lost cemetery

    What happened to the Poor Farm Cemetery? In the late 1800s, at least four counties in Utah (Weber, Salt Lake, Utah, and San Pete) established “Poor Farms”. They were places of refuge for the poor, sick, and elderly who had no means to support themselves. In addition to providing room and board, the farms raised crops and sometimes livestock in an effort to be self-sustaining. Some of these locations were also referred to as “Pest Houses” or “Infirmaries” at different […]

  • The legend of Utah’s liger

    SALT LAKE CITY — Utah’s Hogle Zoo was once home to an uncommon animal known as a liger. Her name was Shasta. Born in 1948, she was the offspring of a male lion and a female tiger. Shasta was a star attraction at the zoo during her lifetime, and even afterward! Check out the video to see what became of Shasta and where you can still see her today.

  • Uniquely Utah: King Kong sightings in Salt Lake City

    King Kong sightings are a daily occurrence in Salt Lake City along 900 East at approximately 1600 South. The legendary beast even has his own replica of the Empire State Building to climb. It’s all the work of Sugar House resident Ammon Smith, who builds a new Halloween attraction every year. Check out the video to see his version of King Kong, or check out Ammon’s website to see previous creations and how they were built.

  • U of U research examines safety impact of increased technology in cars

    SALT LAKE CITY — New cars come with lots of technology, but is it keeping you safe or creating more distracted drivers? It’s an issue the University of Utah has been studying for five years. “You can update Facebook, you can text message in many of these cars,” said Joel Cooper, a researcher and associate professor at the University of Utah. “We observed a car where you can create drawings while driving down the road, you can upload it for […]

  • Uniquely Utah: The Pedal Provo Ghost Tour

    A unique bike tour has people pedaling around Provo in search of spooky spots. Departing at 9 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights, the Pedal Provo Ghost Tour covers roughly five miles of city streets. A guide stops at several spots along the way, offering up a blend of true tales and local legends. The cost of the tour is just 10 bucks, and if you don’t have your own bike, you can rent one. Watch the video for more […]

  • Corn maze design honors unique location of historic ranch

    SALT LAKE CITY — A massive corn maze on Salt Lake City’s west side features a design that pays tribute to its unique location. The Cross E Ranch at 2200 West and 3500 North sits upon acres of land that have been farmed since soon after Mormon Pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley. This year’s corn maze (as seen from above) features a tractor and a cowboy boot on one side, and the city skyline on the other. The […]

  • Weber County man accused of murdering infant appears in court

    WEBER COUNTY, Utah — A Weber County man accused of killing a 1-month-old boy went before a judge Thursday. It was a brief appearance for 22-year-old Matthew Graves. The state says they’re still gathering evidence against him and waiting for the  final reports from the state Medical Examiner’s Office. But the state says even without the final results, they have enough information to proceed with a death penalty case against Graves. “What makes it an aggravated murder is the fact […]

  • Uniquely Utah: Green River Melons

    Green River, Utah is known for its Green River Melons. Several roadside stands sell melons in the town each summer, and Green River melons are also shipped from the region to grocery stores around the west. Many growers in Green River credit sandy soil, hot days, and cool nights for superior melons. An incredible amount of human labor goes into the melon crops as well, which makes them increasingly more expensive to produce than other crops. Check out the video […]