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  • Uniquely Utah: Keeping cool at Mirror Lake

    DUCHESNE COUNTY — In this week’s Uniquely Utah, Fox 13’s Todd Tanner takes us to Mirror Lake where daytime temperatures are typically 20 to 30 degrees lower than other areas along the Wasatch Front. Mirror Lake is approximately an hour and a half drive from Salt Lake City, barring any stops along the way. The U.S. Forest Service requires visitors to purchase a pass to park anywhere along the Mirror Lake Highway. A three-day pass costs $6. Passes are available […]

  • Uniquely Utah: Suicide Park

    This week we visit a unique Utah location with an unsettling name: Suicide Park Along a dirt road on a remote northern slope of the Uinta Mountains is a most peculiar point of interest: Suicide Park. The main attraction is a small cemetery with only three graves. All belonged to men who died between 1928 and 1930. Each had worked in the area, cutting timber to be used for railroad ties. Researcher Jennifer Jones, whose blog delves into the history of […]

  • Uniquely Utah: Skullcandy

    PARK CITY, Utah – Skullcandy got its start in Park City when a cold-fingered snowboarder wanted to take a phone call while out on the mountain. Todd Tanner takes us through the company’s story in this week’s edition of Uniquely Utah.

  • Uniquely Utah: Small Salt Lake City park hosts artesian well

    SALT LAKE CITY — A tiny park in Salt Lake City offers an unusual, and refreshing, feature. Artesian Well Park, located at the southwest corner of the intersection of 800 East and 500 South, has, as the name implies, an artesian well. The natural water source was a delight to many of Salt Lake City’s first inhabitants, and it continues to be an attraction today. The park is managed by the city, and the water is safe to drink.  

  • Uniquely Utah: Sun Tunnels of the Great Basin Desert

    Have you been to the Sun Tunnels in the Great Basin Desert west of the Great Salt Lake? Probably not. But a handful of hardy souls made the trek last Tuesday to take in the summer solstice sunset. Check out the video above for a look at that trip. If you’re interested in visiting the Sun Tunnels yourself, check out the Utah Museum of Fine Art’s website for directions and details, or join museum staff for a free meet-up! Those […]

  • Lagoon’s ‘Terroride’ undergoes a massive renovation

    FARMINGTON, Utah — Last fall, Fox 13’s Todd Tanner told us the story of Lagoon’s missing mural which used to be part of the “Terroride,” but now things have changed a lot. The Terroride has undergone a massive renovation and has just re-opened.        

  • Dave & Buster’s opening in Salt Lake City

    SALT LAKE CITY — Dave & Buster’s, a massive game-themed entertainment restaurant, will open at The Gateway mall next year. The mall said in a statement Friday it was thrilled to land Dave & Buster’s, which will be built in the site of the old food court. “Coming into the Salt Lake market appealed to us for a number of reasons. The Gateway provided us with the perfect opportunity to introduce Utah families to our brand of entertainment and dining,” John […]

  • Uniquely Utah: Fascinating formations in Fantasy Canyon

    From Zion National Park to Goblin Valley State Park, Utah is known for its majestic views and incredible rock formations. This week, Todd Tanner takes us to eastern Utah for a look at a lesser-known landmark. Check out the video above for a tour of Fantasy Canyon, which is about 30 miles south of Vernal.

  • Uniquely Utah: Monument makers

    Salt Lake Monuments sits across the street from the Salt Lake City Cemetery, and the business has been in that location since 1890. In this week’s edition of Uniquely Utah, Todd Tanner introduces us to some folks who help ensure loved ones are never forgotten.  

  • Prescription drug prices can vary widely by store; here are some Utah examples

    SALT LAKE CITY — Have you ever shopped around to find out if you are getting the best possible price on prescription medications? “One of my prescriptions is $65. At another place its $23 and another it’s $27” said Judy Allister, who struggles to afford her medications on a fixed income. Just like any other business, pricing can be competitive, and it pays to shop around. “Different size pharmacies have different buying capabilities and that is going to adjust what […]

  • Uniquely Utah: Bank built from bricks sent by mail still standing 100 years later

    VERNAL, Utah – A century ago, a two-story bank in Vernal was built with bricks that were all mailed from Salt Lake City. It’s a curious tale that over the years has been featured in ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’ and the National Enquirer. But the reason behind it all is pretty basic: finances. In 1917, the Bank of Vernal determined the U.S. Postal Service could deliver bricks for about half the cost of having them trucked to the small […]

  • Uniquely Utah: One-of-a-kind hybrid in Provo has roots dating back to 1927

    PROVO, Utah — A 90-year-old tree in Provo is so rare, it’s believed to be the only tree of its kind anywhere in the world. The sprawling plant stretches nearly 100-feet wide and can be found behind the Utah County Courthouse. The tree was planted in 1927 by an Ogden man who said he created the hybrid by mixing the buds of different trees. He called the result a “weeping elm.” Botanists have been unable to clone the tree, and […]