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  • How to shop for heart-healthy groceries

    The following is sponsored by Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute. People working with local non-profit organizations are participating in this year’s Intermountain Healthcare Heart Institute’s My Heart Challenge. This week, we’re showing you some tips for choosing heart-healthy products at the grocery store.

  • Quit Smoking – Your Heart Will Thank You

    The following is sponsored by Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute. The heart can be considered the engine of your body. It works nonstop to make sure your whole body gets an even flow of blood, circulating oxygen and other important things to your body. Just to understand how hard your heart works for you let’s just say that your heart beats 70 times a minute, with each beat, the heart pumps 60 to 90 milliliters (2 to 3 ounces) of […]

  • How to cook the perfect Thanksgiving bird

    Todd’s Turkey Tips: How to make any turkey recipe better! – Use a roasting rack.  It allows air flow around the whole turkey and it keeps the bottom out of the juice. After all, you want a roasted turkey, not a boiled one. – If you have convection, use it. Use convection or convection roast at 325. If you don’t have convection, put your turkey on the second rack from the bottom. Put an empty cookie sheet on the bottom rack. – […]

  • Tips for avoiding holiday blues

    The following is sponsored by Salt Lake Regional Medical Center. The holiday season can be a time of high stress and anxiety for everyone, but for some people, it can feel like it is too much to handle. Depression during the winter, whether it is seasonal or major, is common and can feel debilitating. However, if you try to follow some helpful tips and utilize tools to help you avoid triggers, the holiday season may feel less overwhelming. Healthy Tips […]

  • Digestive Problems—What your symptoms could be telling you

    The following is sponsored by Salt Lake Regional Medical Center. Digestive problems are very common and can occur anywhere along the digestive tract. Although the occasional symptoms shouldn’t cause too much concern, recurring or worsening symptoms could mean something more serious. Gastrointestinal disorders can be tricky to diagnose because many of the symptoms can overlap, so visiting your doctor is a good place to start. When to visit a doctor Heartburn that persists or becomes severe Persistent abdominal pain Difficulty […]

  • Utah Human Race, benefiting the Utah Food Bank

    Start your holidays by joining Utah Food Bank’s 12th annual Utah Human Race on Thanksgiving morning.

  • Meet the 2017 FOX 13 All-UYSA Team

    The following is sponsored by Utah Youth Soccer Association. Forwards Jered Mariani – #9 USA Premier 99 DC Chanson Vawdrey – #5 Utah Rangers FC 99 Midfielders Brandon Cervantes – #6 Sparta Premier 00 JK Carter Johnson – #11 USA Premier 99 DC Jonathan Castro – #10 UDA 00B Blue David Brog – #10 AFC Apex 99 College Prep Defenders Tyler Ashby – #25 La Roca S 00 AB Jackson McBride – #11 Utah Rangers FC 99 Alex Pasmann – […]

  • Ways to add Greek Yogurt to your Diet

    What makes Greek yogurt different from regular yogurt you might ask? Greek yogurt is made simply by straining the yogurt to remove the whey (the liquid you find remaining after the milk has curdled). This results in a more solid yogurt that has less sugar, fewer carbohydrates, and more protein compared to regular yogurt. However, like regular yogurt, Greek yogurt is a natural source of probiotics which are healthy bacteria that help regulate your digestive system. Greek yogurt provides all […]

  • Harvest hash and buttered mashed potatoes

    Butter Mashed Potatoes Ingredients: 5 Lb. Red Skin Potatoes 1 Lb. Harmons Salted Butter 2 tsp Salt ½ – ¾ tsp White Pepper ¼ Cup Harmons Heavy Cream Instructions: 1.     Wash and dice potatoes into 1” cubes. 2.     Place potatoes into a large pot of cold water. Bring to a boil and cook until potatoes are very soft, but not falling apart. 3.     Drain potatoes into a colander and allow to steam for 3 minutes to allow all the excess moisture to escape the potatoes. 4.     Return […]

  • Lung Cancer: Risks and Awareness

    The following is sponsored by Salt Lake Regional Medical Center By Dr. Keith Lane, Salt Lake Regional Medical Center Each year, about 160,000 Americans lose their lives to lung cancer. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death and the second most common cancer among both men and women in the United States, according to the Center for Disease Control. In fact, one out of every four cancer deaths are from lung cancer. Thankfully, we now know more about […]

  • Four Ways to Build a Healthy Workplace

    The following is sponsored by Intermountain Medical Center. We spend a lot of time at work – so if there are multiple opportunities to eat unhealthy foods or remain stationary all day, it makes it challenging for the employees to stay healthy. And healthy employees make a company healthy, too. The Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute’s 2017 My Heart Challenge: Nonprofit Edition has 11 participants competing to be more heart healthy – and many of them are bringing their ideas […]

  • Eating healthy when dining out

    SALT LAKE CITY — Participants in this year’s Intermountain Medical Center My Heart Challenge program are learning some ways to make healthy diet choices. Maintaining a healthy diet at home is often much easier than finding healthy food options at restaurants. Here are a few tips for making good diet choices when eating at restaurants. The Plate Method – Half of your plate should have fruits and vegetables, one quarter should have grains and one quarter should have lean protein […]