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Zach Whitney is a multi-media journalist for Fox 13 News. He joined the Fox 13 News team in November 2011.

Prior to working at Fox 13, he worked as a reporter for KLEW News in Lewiston, Idaho. He is no stranger to Utah. He graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication and grew up in Murray.

He loves politics and religion. He is also fluent in Spanish. Zach and his wife have two daughters.

Recent Articles
  • Blue Angels show in Utah a homecoming for one member of the crew

    ST. GEORGE, Utah – The U.S. Navy Blue Angels spent their Pioneer Day getting to know the St. George skies. It’s all part of the preparation for their show this weekend, but for one of the ground crew, it’s more than just a show: it’s a homecoming. Petty Officer 1st Class Benjamin Hernandez is the crew doctor. But before he landed the spot of keeping the Blue Angels in tip top shape, he called Murray home. The 2002 graduate of […]

  • Blue Angels arrive in southern Utah ahead of weekend air show

    ST GEORGE, Utah – St. George got a preview of the Thunder Over Utah Air Show Wednesday as six of the Navy Blue Angels arrived at the airport. The event is expected to draw in hundreds of people from across the region. The U.S. Navy Blue Angels are known across the country for their high-flying tricks, and the pilots didn’t disappoint. The Blue Angels landed six of their iconic F-18s and the crowd favorite Navy C-130. A small group of […]

  • Mesquite City Council discuss establishment of medical marijuana dispensary

    MESQUITE, Nev. – Mesquite City Council members have voted to proceed with the discussion on two ordinances that could establish a medical marijuana dispensary in the city. It’s an issue that has divided a community, and would likely be the closest medical marijuana growing facility to the Utah border. The council voted 4-1 to advance the ordinances, with Councilman Kraig Hafen dissenting. Close to 100 people came to the city council meeting Tuesday night, and although this was just a […]

  • Update: Family confirms 2 Utah teen brothers killed in Arizona plane crash

    UPDATE: Family members have confirmed two Utah brothers were killed when a plane they were in crashed on the Arizona-Utah border Sunday. The two brothers, 19-year-old Daulton Whatcott and 16-year-old Jaxon Whatcott, are from Clinton, Utah, and were on the way to a basketball tournament. Relatives said Jaxon played for Syracuse High School. LITTLEFIELD, Ariz. – Authorities are releasing more information after a plane crashed at the Virgin River Gorge near the Utah-Arizona border which killed two people Sunday night. Ian […]

  • Police: 70-year-old man threatens neighbors with gun, man shoots him

    LEEDS, Utah – Washington County deputies are investigating after a neighbor shot a 70-year-old man in Leeds. Authorities said 70-year-old Stephen Aizenberg walked to his neighbor’s house armed with a handgun. Deputies said Aizenberg pointed the gun at his neighbors and neighbor’s guests, who were in the driveway. Officials said one of the guests felt threatened and shot Aizenberg when the man continued to approach them with a gun pointed at the group. The Washington County Sheriff’s office said it doesn’t know why Aizenberg […]

  • Homeowners cleaning up after flooding in Enterprise

    ENTERPRISE, Utah – Homeowners are cleaning up after flash floods ripped through several neighborhoods Wednesday, causing extensive damage to at least two homes. Conservative estimates said close to 3 inches of rain fell in just one hour. Residents said they’re used to flash floods in town, but this one seemed more intense. “Before we knew it water’s come through the door, through the walls, the whole carpet’s flooded,” said Marv’s Drive In owner Raelene Hall. Hall spent Thursday with fans […]

  • California condor chick hatches in Zion National Park

    SPRINGDALE, Utah – After months of mere speculation, biologists in Zion National Park can now make the official birth announcement. A pair of California condors has hatched a chick, park officials said Tuesday. It’s the first wild-born California condor in Utah since organizations began reintroduction efforts in the 1990s. The California condor had been poisoned to the brink of extinction in the early 1900s. Fewer than 25 existed when The Peregrine Fund began work to revive the population in northern […]

  • Water restrictions imposed on southern Utah farmers

    HURRICANE, Utah – Summer monsoons have brought little relief to southern Utah’s severe drought. Now state officials are imposing restrictions on those who draw from the Virgin River for irrigation. The Virgin River is running 20 percent below normal. Cities have already imposed watering restrictions, but it’s not culinary water that’s at stake. The state engineer sent a letter to water users on July 7stating a priority call will be initiated, with owners of rights created after the year 1900 […]

  • Renaissance fair brings historic flair to Cedar City

    CEDAR CITY, Utah — One of the nation’s longest running renaissance fairs is currently underway at Main Street Park. The Utah Midsummer Renaissance Faire brings vendors and performers to southern Utah, and they say there’s just something about taking a step back in time. People from all over the country come to perform at the annual event. Everything from juggling, street performing, and even fire eating can be seen amid the canvas tents that line the park. Directors said it […]

  • Community cleanup planned as part of effort to ‘Save The Boilers’

    WASHINGTON CITY, Utah – A movement in southern Utah to revitalize a historic hot spring is gaining steam, and now organizers are planning a clean up of the area to show the city what it can become. Niki Warner is behind the Boiling Springs Ecoseum and Desert Reserve movement. She says their goal is simple: clean up the site and make it a place the public can once again enjoy. “There’s a lot of nostalgia,” Warner said. “Because so many […]

  • New fence around Cedar City golf course meant to keep out prairie dogs

    CEDAR CITY, Utah — In the ongoing battle with prairie dogs in Iron County, Cedar City officials are drawing a line. This week city officials are installing a new fence around the golf course, hoping to reclaim recreation. The city has been planning to put a prairie dog fence around the golf course for several months, but it’s an expensive process. With just enough to cover costs, the council turned down a bid last week from a private contractor for […]

  • More flash floods expected to hit southern Utah

    SPRINGDALE, Utah — Summer monsoons in southern Utah bring with them flash flood concerns, specifically in Zion National Park. Park rangers say the temptation to get close is high, but so is the danger. Over the weekend several flash floods ran through the park. One, captured on video by some hikers shows Pine Creek tripling its size in a matter of seconds, and proves just how dangerous flash floods can be. “The river really came up,” said Aly Baltrus, spokeswoman […]


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