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Nineveh Dinha is an Anchor for Fox 13's Live at 4, Monday through Friday. She also reports for News at 9 in the evenings.

She began working for Fox 13 in 2007 as the 5 a.m. morning anchor and reporter for Good Day Utah. Three years later she moved up the ranks to become the station's Weekend Evening Anchor and Reporter for Fox 13's prime time newscasts. Nineveh now anchors the station's newly launched Live at 4 p.m. She also continues to report for the evening news.

Nineveh started her career as an Anchor/Reporter in Arizona at KYMA, NBC 11 News. During her time in Yuma, Nineveh covered several stories that made national news including the Harrier Crash. The coverage won her an Edward R. Murrow award for Spot News. After two years of desert heat, she was ready for a change of scenery and weather.

Nineveh calls Utah home although she has roots everywhere. She was born in Sweden, but her ethnicity is Assyrian. Her parents named her Nineveh, after the ancient capital city of the Assyrian Empire. Most of her family now lives in Sweden, after escaping the regime in Iraq. Nineveh has also lived in Texas and California where she earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism from the California State University of Hayward.

During her time off Nineveh enjoys reading, writing, working out, cooking healthy recipes and spending quality time with her husband.

Recent Articles
  • Love, Owens debate for final time; recent poll indicates a close race for Utah’s 4th

    SALT LAKE CITY — Just days before Tuesday’s election, a new poll shows Democratic candidate Doug Owens is sweeping independent voters in the race for Utah’s 4th Congressional District–but is it enough to get him to the finish line? The new numbers released by UtahPolicy.com Thursday afternoon show the 4th Congressional District race is closer than ever. Only 5 percentage points separate Owens and Love. “It’s extremely close,” said Managing Editor Bryan Schott for UtahPolicy.com. “Our pollster Dan Jones told […]

  • BYU poll puts Owens in slight lead over Love in 4th District race

    SALT LAKE CITY — The election is just a week away and the race between Mia Love and Doug Owens is a statistical tie according to a Brigham Young University pollster. The BYU Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy puts Democrat Doug Owens slightly in the lead at 45.8 percent with Republican Mia Love trailing behind at 42.2 percent. But how accurate are the new numbers? Love’s campaign says the new poll is fundamentally flawed but political analysts […]

  • usu

    Utah State University faculty members sign letter supporting a gun-free campus

    LOGAN, Utah — Should Utah College campuses be gun free zones? That’s what some educators are demanding after a high-profile feminist canceled her speech at Utah State University because of violent threats made against her. Hundreds of USU faculty members co-signed a letter asking the President of Utah State University to keep guns off campus. President Stan Albrecht said the university has to follow state law, and state law is that anyone with a permit can carry a concealed weapon […]

  • Mia Love responds to criticisms expressed with Whoppers, rubber chickens

    UTAH COUNTY — Republicans are blasting Democrats for calling Mia Love “chicken” after hand delivering rubber chickens to GOP headquarters Tuesday. Senator Orrin Hatch stood next to the rest of Utah’s congressional delegation Wednesday afternoon, saying the negative campaigning needs to stop. “Mia will add a dimension that will be so important to this country, so important to our state,” Hatch said. “It will send a message all over this country. I’m really disturbed by some of the negative campaigning […]

  • Cinderella moment unfolds atop great pumpkin

    SALT LAKE CITY — Kyle Fox is the president of the Utah Giant Pumpkin Growers, and on Friday he came to the FOX 13 News studio to discuss the gigantic gourds grown in gardens across Utah. The massive monuments to autumn also served as the perfect platform for a Cinderella moment. See the videos above and below for the segments from the show, and click here to visit the Utah Giant Pumpkin Growers website.

  • Political expert examines fundraising in Utah’s congressional races

    UTAH — It is the most expensive congressional campaign of the political season. Nearly $5 million has been raised between Mia Love and Doug Owens in the 4th Congressional District race. The majority of the money has gone to Love, but does it guarantee a win? “Money is the mother’s milk for politics, but it’s no guarantee,” said Professor Tim Chambless of the Hinckley Institute of Politics. Sometimes no matter what the polls say, no can really predict who will […]

  • Football fundraiser helps fight cancer in honor of player’s mother

    HOLLADAY, Utah — Olympus High School dedicated Wednesday night’s football game to the mom of an Olympus player, Sandra Lerma, who lost her battle to breast cancer last month. At halftime, parents, students and players took part in a “miracle minute,” collecting pocket change from spectators in the stands. All the donations will go to cancer research at the Huntsman Cancer Institute in honor of the player’s mother. “The little boy’s mom who passed, who inspired this is a good […]

  • Mia Love, Doug Owens debate tackles issues

    SALT LAKE CITY — It’s one of the most closely watched congressional races in Utah and Tuesday night the public got a chance to see Mia Love and Doug Owens go head to head in a live, televised debate. Democrat Doug Owens thinks he has a shot at winning the 4th Congressional District seat, but Republican Mia Love felt good about the debate too. Both of them faced tough questions submitted from the public. With nine percent of Utah voters […]

  • Mia Love, Doug Owens

    4th District race tightens as Doug Owens gains ground, poll shows

    SALT LAKE CITY — A new UtahPolicy.com poll released Monday focused on the hotly contested 4th Congressional District Race between Republican Mia Love and Democrat Doug Owens. The poll indicates Owens’ campaign is gaining ground. “It’s starting to tighten,” said Bryan Schott, Managing Editor of UtahPolicy.com.  “We actually did exactly the same poll back in August and that poll we found that Mia Love had a 12-point lead on Democrat Doug Owens. This time around it’s tightened just a little […]

  • Polls paint different pictures in race for Utah’s 4th Congressional District

    UTAH COUNTY — Two new polls were just released regarding the race for Utah’s 4th Congressional District race between Mia Love and Doug Owens. Each poll has very different findings. The internal poll done for Mia Love indicates she’s winning the race in a blowout. But Doug Owens claims his polls show he’s within striking distance. “It shows we got a horse race,” said Doug Owens, the Democrat running against Republican Mia Love. “Our view of his poll is that […]

  • Mitt Romney in Utah to rally support for Mia Love’s run for Congress

    LEHI, Utah — Utah’s favorite adopted son is throwing his support to Mia Love again. Mitt Romney was in town Wednesday night to tout why Utahns should vote for the Republican candidate running in the Utah’s Fourth Congressional District. Decked out in an orange suit, jacket and jeans, Mia Love stood on stage speaking to a crowd of supporters. “I’m running for you, I’m running for Utah, I’m running for freedom,” she said. This is her second shot at running […]

  • Newcomer Wonnacott faces off against incumbent Chaffetz in 3rd District debate

    OREM, Utah — A well-polished politician faced off against a candidate unknown to Utah’s political playground. Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz debated his Democratic challenger Brian Wonnacott at Utah Valley University in Orem Tuesday night. The candidate seemed to agree on some things but it wasn’t what they talked about that stood out. Wonnacott faltered when answering questions and later admitted it wasn’t his best performance. “I felt like I struggled. I had prepared my topics and I got asked more […]


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