How to help: Northern California wildfire relief
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Matt McDonald is a weekend anchor and reporter for Fox 13. A graduate of Oregon State University’s engineering program, his path to journalism has been a long one, including a year living abroad in Shanghai, China.

Returning to the states in 2001, he spent some stereotypical time trying to figure out what to do with his life. That didn’t last long before his wife, Brenda, said “get a job.” Stints in marketing, film production and an internship on the reality show “The Apprentice” followed, though barely qualifying as work.

Ready to return to college for a second degree in broadcast journalism, Matt landed a job running the audio board at the launch of KOHD, an ABC affiliate in Bend, Oregon. Six months later Matt started his first year as a reporter, culminating with a Society of Professional Journalists award as the “best new reporter” in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

With his professional passion on track, Matt soon started life’s other great adventure…parenting. The father of two kids and a husband for more than 15 years, Brenda, fill life with both big and little lessons. Matt can be found on his days off hanging with the family, creating “Dad’s Big Adventure” (usually a hike, bike or fishing excursion) or, on rare occasions of truly free time, he likes to golf, though he doesn’t play very well.

Recent Articles
  • Man robbed by woman as he suffered seizure at 7-Eleven shares his story

    MIDVALE, Utah — A cold-hearted crime was caught on camera in Midvale. Surveillance footage from inside the 7-Eleven at 6852 South State Street appears to show a woman going through the wallet of a man who is on the ground having a seizure. “While he was down on the ground, one of the customers went behind the counter, got into his back pocket, you can see in the video takes his wallet out and removes his driver’s license and a […]

  • Video shows woman robbing man as he suffers seizure in Midvale 7-Eleven

    SALT LAKE COUNTY -- Police have released video of a woman committing what they called an "unimaginable" crime in the hope the public can help them identify her.

  • Police officers replace American flags stolen from homes in Utah neighborhood

    SYRACUSE, Utah — Old Glory is flying again in a Syracuse neighborhood. “They handed me a brand new flag and said it was from some contribution,” said Richard Young, a homeowner in the Still Water Estates neighborhood. The delivery came on Wednesday evening. Five Syracuse Police Department officers, all of whom served in the military, brought flags to replace flags stolen over the summer. “I’ve been in the Army for sixteen years, was active duty for eight years, went to […]

  • The nephew of a man who was shot and killed by police speaks out

    SALT LAKE CITY – A nephew of Patrick Harmon, a man who was shot and killed by Salt Lake City Police on August 13th, said the officer who pulled the trigger should be jailed. “Hopefully he sees the inside of a prison for life for murder,” said Lamar Ross, Harmon’s Nephew. The Salt Lake County District Attorney’s office has ruled the shooting to be justified. Based on the footage of three different police body cameras, as well as the statements […]

  • Couple who drove wounded victims to safety during Las Vegas shooting speak

    LAS VEGAS — Paul Gallegos says he doesn’t even like country music. His wife and three grown sons disagree, and convinced him to go to the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. When gunfire erupted, the family got separated. Paul and his wife Jamie Lynn Gallegos made it to their truck with no sign of their three sons. “There were people falling in the street that were running behind us and we could see them as we were driving […]

  • Holladay man makes changes to controversial Halloween decoration

    HOLLADAY, Utah – Call it an effigy, call it the hanging man or just a Halloween decoration. “Halloween should be fun, there’s a scary side to Halloween, there’s a fun side to Halloween, there’s kind of an offensive side to Halloween even,” said Chase Deeds of Holladay. Deeds hung a full-sized mannequin with a rope around its neck from a tree in his front yard in Holladay. He says he bought it on eBay for about $60 with shipping. It […]

  • After 31 years, cowboy shares his memories of the Antelope Island Bison Roundup

    GREAT SALT LAKE – For Eldean Holliday of Kaysville the Antelope Island Bison Roundup has been a cherished tradition for decades. “You step back in time at least a hundred years,” said Holliday. Holliday rode in the very first roundup in 1986. At that time the causeway had been flooded out, and cowboys like Holliday had to be taken over to the island by a boat with their horses. “Had anything really spooked the horses, they would have all been in […]

  • Ben Shapiro speaks at University of Utah amid protests

    SALT LAKE CITY — It was a raucous night on the University of Utah campus. Protesters were matched by supporters for a speech given by conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. “This is America, you are essentially free to do what you want. Freedom is harsh, freedom is unsparing. It means you are responsible for your own decisions,” said Shapiro while on stage. “He discriminates against people of color, the LGBT community, women and even college students,” said Lex Scott, an organizer […]

  • Utah employers face difficulty hiring entry level workers

    SALT LAKE CITY – Utah’s economy continues to outpace the rest of country; the most recent jobs report shows statewide unemployment at 3.5 percent. It’s good news, but too much of a good thing can be a problem. “Finding those entry-level people is more difficult than ever,” said Carrie Mayne, Chief Economist for Utah’s Workforce Services Division. It’s a reality Jeff Krie, Co-Owner of Trolley Wing Company, is facing at his new restaurant in Midvale. “I’ve had ads out and […]

  • Daughter of bystander killed amid gang violence in Kearns speaks

    KEARNS, Utah — For most of her life, Stefani Shepherd didn’t have a relationship with her father. “He was in prison most of my life so I didn’t really know him,” Shepherd said. She says her Dad, Lloyd Pace, battled drug addiction, which fueled crimes like armed robbery. “He had a hard life but he finally started living good,” Shepherd said. Three years ago, Stefani traveled back to Utah from South Dakota to re-build a relationship with her dad. She […]

  • Four suspects arrested for murder after two people killed in Kearns

    KEARNS, Utah – Four suspects are facing murder charges after two people were killed and two others were seriously injured following a crash and shooting in Kearns Tuesday night, according to the Unified Police Department. Officials said Rosalio Alvarez (age 19); Argenis Daniel Ramirez (age 19); Jose Luis Cirilo Muñoz Lugo (age 24) and a 17-year-old juvenile are in custody. Unified Police said all fours suspects will face felony charges for murder and discharge of a firearm. Officers said the two […]

  • Thousands of people felt small earthquake centered near Park City

    PARK CITY – Thousands of people felt a magnitude 3.3 earthquake that struck six miles northwest of Park City at 11:21 on Monday morning. Scott Ray, President of Park City Brewing, was one of them. “Everything started, it did start shaking a little bit,” Ray said.  “We could feel our desks, which were connected to the walls, we could feel those kind of shake a little bit.  It did last for about, over ten seconds for sure.” “We’ve had literally […]