From a young age Kiersten Nunez dreamed of being a journalist. After graduating with a bachelor’s from Weber State University she moved to the golden gulf coast. There Kiersten began her television career as a multimedia journalist at WXXV in Gulfport, Mississippi.

After a short time on the gulf coast Kiersten was ready to come home to the beehive state. She now is working as a multimedia journalist at FOX13.

The comment Kiersten gets the most when reporting is, “where is your camera man?” -She’s a one woman band. Photographer and on air talent, rolled into one. And her favorite comment is, “I have a story idea for you.” Kiersten loves writing, shooting, editing and telling YOUR stories.

When Kiersten isn’t out in the field reporting she can be found running, practicing the cello, spending time with loved ones or playing with her dachshund, Gatsby.

Recent Articles
  • Experts discuss warning signs of eruption at Yellowstone super volcano

    YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK — Rumors are rumbling that the Yellowstone super volcano will erupt sooner than expected. Recent studies suggest the super-eruption will happen in a matter of decades rather than centuries, as previously thought. Scientists say a super eruption would blanket most of the U.S. in a thick layer of ash, sending the earth into a volcanic ice age. Many of the top researchers keeping a close eye on the caldera are right in our backyard. Seismologists at the […]

  • Crews respond to nearly 150 crashes as winter weather hits northern Utah Friday

    SALT LAKE CITY — The mix of rain and snow made for a messy commute for drivers Friday. There were around 150 crashes, which is around triple the amount the state usually sees. Friday kept members of the state’s incident management team very busy. “I’ve been doing this for 21 years now,” said Billy Frashure, an Incident Management specialist. Frashure knows Utah’s roads like the back of his hand, and he knows the drivers and how they react when the […]

  • Suspect accused of killing U of U student charged with murder, could face death penalty

    SALT LAKE CITY – The suspect accused of killing University of Utah student ChenWei Guo is now formally charged with aggravated murder, which carries a maximum punishment of the death penalty. According to court documents, Austin Jeffery Boutain is charged with multiple counts of aggravated murder, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated robbery, felony discharge of a firearm and other weapons offenses and theft by receiving stolen property. The documents state he is not allowed bail because of the egregious nature of the […]

  • Thief in Highland takes Christmas packages from porch, leaves empty box behind

    HIGHLAND, Utah — They’re back and stealing your holiday cheer. This surveillance footage was captured Tuesday in Highland and shows a man taking Christmas packages off a front porch. This family now joins the more than 20 million Americans who have their packages stolen from their homes before they can even open them. The Ball family says this thief went up to their porch in broad daylight while they were all home. “I went outside to check on our Christmas […]

  • Mortuary remains under contract after disturbing allegations against it

    SALT LAKE CITY – A mortuary that shut down after disturbing accusations came to light two weeks ago is now back open. “You don’t treat deceased people that way. Deceased humans, you don’t treat them the way they were treated at Carver Mortuary Services,” said Robert Price, a former Carver Mortuary employee. Carver mortuary’s license was suspended, after former employees came forward saying the business was breaking the law. Carver is now on probation for the next five years. Former employees […]

  • Ogden residents kept awake as train horn blared for an hour

    OGDEN, Utah – Residents had a rude awakening at three in the morning, when a train horn blared throughout Ogden for more than an hour on Saturday. Those who live next to the railroad tracks are so used to the sounds they don’t notice a train rolling by, or an occasional horn at night, but what they heard Saturday morning was too blaring to ignore. “I figured it would stop after 10, 20 minutes,” said Freddie Rascon who lives next […]

  • Provo Police search for suspect accused of sex assault near Rock Canyon trail head

    PROVO, Utah — Police are looking for a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman after he trapped her in a public restroom at the Rock Canyon Trailhead in Provo and threatened her with a large knife Monday night. It’s a violent attack that hikers in the area say is out of the ordinary and concerning. “I was really surprised,” said Elizabeth Finlayson of Provo. “I come up here pretty often after dark. I see a lot of people even […]

  • Loved ones raising funds for trail honoring memory of Utah teens killed in crash

    This month marks one year since two young teens lost their lives in a horrific car crash in Corner Canyon. Three teens survived the crash, including one of the girls’ twin sister.

  • Witness speaks after police officer and two juveniles hospitalized in shooting in West Valley City

    WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah — We’re learning more about the officer-involved shooting that sent an off-duty cop and two teens to the hospital. The West Valley City officer was shot once and is home recovering. The teens are in custody but still at the hospital. Shots were fired Tuesday night at an apartment complex on 3300 south in West Valley City, and residents who heard the shots are now on edge. “I was just here, it could have went right […]

  • Man finds kidney for wife, sets his sights higher

    FARR WEST, Utah – You first saw his story here, a 74-year-old Farr West man walked miles a day to add time to his wife’s life. Wayne Winters was desperate to find the love of his life a kidney, and his plea caught the attention of people around the world. Now his wife has a new kidney. “I was just so overwhelmed. I didn’t know what to think,” Winters said. After his story aired on Fox 13, it went viral. […]

  • Woman found dead in Park City hotel room, police investigating as possible homicide

    PARK CITY, Utah – A 29-year-old woman has been found dead in a hotel room in Park City and police said they are investigating the incident as a possible homicide. Authorities were called to the Park Recency Hotel at about 1:30 a.m. Thursday, where they found the woman’s body in a room on the hotel’s third floor. Police said the victim was found “still in bed” and they have been interviewing a male who had access to the room. Officers […]

  • Friends of slain U of U student speak

    SALT LAKE CITY – The tragic death of ChenWei Guo is ringing through the heart of the community. During this difficult time, ChenWei’s loved ones focused on the love and light he brought into their lives. Many knew him as a student at the University of Utah, others knew him as Elder Gou, as he served his LDS mission in Provo. But no matter how they met him, his friends say they’ll never forget him. “Why him? I’m still asking […]