From a young age Kiersten Nunez dreamed of being a journalist. After graduating with a bachelor’s from Weber State University she moved to the golden gulf coast. There Kiersten began her television career as a multimedia journalist at WXXV in Gulfport, Mississippi.

After a short time on the gulf coast Kiersten was ready to come home to the beehive state. She now is working as a multimedia journalist at FOX13.

The comment Kiersten gets the most when reporting is, “where is your camera man?” -She’s a one woman band. Photographer and on air talent, rolled into one. And her favorite comment is, “I have a story idea for you.” Kiersten loves writing, shooting, editing and telling YOUR stories.

When Kiersten isn’t out in the field reporting she can be found running, practicing the cello, spending time with loved ones or playing with her dachshund, Gatsby.

Recent Articles
  • Victims of near deadly car accident share life-saving message to drivers

    FARR WEST, Utah – Two sixteen-year-old girls almost crushed in a car crash miraculously walked away with minor injuries. “It was just really scary to think that if I were to hit the pole a little closer to me that it would have crushed us,” said Kazandra Esquivel, the 16-year-old who was behind the wheel of the upside down and nearly folded in half jeep. “It scared me because I had my best friend in the car,” Kazandra said. Monday […]

  • Diverse members of Utah School Safety Commission to look for ways to make schools safe

    SALT LAKE CITY — Once again, American television screens were filled recently with images of students evacuating their school with their arms in the air. This time, it happened in Parkland, Florida—where a gunmen shot and killed 17 people at Stoneman Douglas High School. In thinking about how to avoid such a tragedy, Utah State Representative Mike Kennedy had an idea. “What we really needed to do is bring together a commission, a commission of different voices and different perspectives,” […]

  • Police remind Utahns not to park on streets when winter storms approach

    BOUNTIFUL, Utah — Parking your car on the side of the street could cost you. Police officers are out ticketing people who are leaving their cars on the curb before the storm rolls in. “The citizens have gotten a little complacent,” said Lt. Troy Killian, Bountiful City Police Department. A car here, an SUV there, and, if left overnight, drivers will wake up to a note from police. “The last couple nights we’ve had our officers out ticketing those on […]

  • Five patrol cars hit in last two weeks amid winter weather in Utah

    SALT LAKE CITY — During the last storm that hit the Salt Lake Valley Utah Highway Patrol saw more than 600 crashes, and while responding throughout the snowy day several patrol cars were hit all because drivers did not slow down and move over. Just this week, a trooper says he was inches away from being hit by a semi when he stepped out of his car. That’s one of five patrol cars that have been hit in the last […]

  • Timeline for cleanup uncertain as illegally dumped tires pile up in Salt Lake County

    SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah — An update on a story we first brought you last month, where thousands of tires were illegally dumped at a conservation pond in Salt Lake County. After our report, the health department sent out inspectors. But weeks later when our crews went to check if the tires had been cleaned up, the pile had only grown. Now we’re asking who’s going to clean it up, and when? The Utah Department of Environmental Quality’s Solid Waste […]

  • Missing Herriman man found dead in foothills near Friendship Trail

    HERRIMAN, Utah — Unified Police said they recovered the body of 20-year-old Tanner Oblad in the foothills south of Herriman Tuesday. Oblad’s body was reportedly found near Friendship Trail. Oblad was last seen Wednesday around 11 a.m. when he left for school at Salt Lake Community College in Taylorsville in the area of 6000 West and 13770 South. Police said Oblad had high-functioning autism.  They said they were concerned because he left without his wallet or cell phone, which is out of […]

  • Students in Ogden protest gun violence once a week until change is made

    OGDEN, Utah – “We might get called the Tide pod generation and be told all we do is eat Tide pods and make memes, but we’re going to make a difference,” said Hanna Johnson a senior at Ben Lomond High School. Students are taking a stand on gun violence not just once, but once a week until change happens. Monday afternoon a group of teens started the #StandFor214 movement. At 2:14 students stood by their desks remembering what happened on […]

  • Backcountry fans thrilled as snow arrives in Utah; avalanche danger moderate to considerable

    SALT LAKE CITY — “It’s finally starting to look like winter in the middle of February,” said Ted Merritt of Salt Lake City. The sound of snow squeaking beneath their skis is music to their ears as outdoor enthusiasts search for knee-deep powder in the backcountry “It takes a couple hours to climb to the top and a couple minutes to get to the bottom, but it’s always worth it when you find bottomless power,” Merritt said. With ice stuck […]

  • Utah students join Parkland survivors in calling for gun law reforms

    SALT LAKE CITY — Students here in Utah and across the nation are demanding change exactly one week after a teen opened fire at a Florida high school, killing 17 students and teachers. “If the adults in our government aren’t going to take a stand, then we need to start pushing them to do so,” said Isaac Reese, a Brighton High School student. Now students are planning to “March For Their Lives”, and while the main event will be in […]

  • Elderly Utah woman gets snow dumped on driveway, calls 911, gets unexpected response

    COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah – A Cottonwood Heights woman worried she was going to get a ticket after she watched a private snowplow company push all the snow from a parking lot onto her sidewalk. Marian Haws is in her 80’s and knew she could never shovel it herself, so she panicked and called 911. The response she got is not one she was expecting: Dispatch: Police and fire dispatch how can I help you? Marian: I am 83-years-old I try […]

  • Family speaks out after crash in Box Elder County leaves two in critical condition

    BOX ELDER COUNTY, Utah – A terrible crash in Box Elder County over the weekend sent two people to the hospital in extremely critical condition. We’re now learning the driver, Krystal Peterson, may have not had such severe injuries if the passenger of the car wore a seatbelt. “You just deal with it as you can take it minute by minute day by day,” said Eric Rawles, Peterson’s step-father. Peterson’s family says she’s lucky to be alive as she starts her […]

  • Blood drive honors memory of Utah teen killed in crash

    PERRY, Utah — More than 100 people got together to possibly save hundreds of lives Friday, all in the memory of a 16-year-old girl who was killed just a few months ago in Perry. The blood drive was sponsored by the Utah Highway Patrol and they did it all in the memory of Lexi Nelson. Her family says she was a typical 16-year-old girl who loved taking pictures and painting fingernails, but what set her apart is how much she […]