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From a young age Kiersten Nunez dreamed of being a journalist. After graduating with a bachelor’s from Weber State University she moved to the golden gulf coast. There Kiersten began her television career as a multimedia journalist at WXXV in Gulfport, Mississippi.

After a short time on the gulf coast Kiersten was ready to come home to the beehive state. She now is working as a multimedia journalist at FOX13.

The comment Kiersten gets the most when reporting is, “where is your camera man?” -She’s a one woman band. Photographer and on air talent, rolled into one. And her favorite comment is, “I have a story idea for you.” Kiersten loves writing, shooting, editing and telling YOUR stories.

When Kiersten isn’t out in the field reporting she can be found running, practicing the cello, spending time with loved ones or playing with her dachshund, Gatsby.

Recent Articles
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    Utah man finds solace in return of beloved dog after crash that killed his wife

    LEHI, Utah — A crash in Lehi took the life of a young wife, daughter and friend. But out of this tragedy came something her husband is grateful for. Last Thursday night around 10, Chris Olsen and his wife went to the store and brought their dog Monte along. But everything for this Lehi couple changed in an instant when they lost control of the truck after hitting a patch of black ice. “It spun around and hit the wall […]

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    Hollywood stars descend on Utah for Sundance Film Festival

    PARK CITY, Utah — The Sundance Film Festival is underway and that means so is the celebrity hunting. Tens of thousands of people are expected to flock to the heart of the festival at Main Street in Park City, and a handful of those are big-name celebrities. With a little luck and simply walking the sidewalks of Park City’s Main Street, it’s likely you’ll spot a star. There’s a whole list of names rumored to show up, from Jennifer Anniston […]

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    Experts separate fact from fiction regarding Utah’s air quality issues

    SALT LAKE CITY — When the air quality is bad, it’s the topic of a lot of conversations. But the Utah DEQ’s Division of Air Quality says some people don’t know fact from fiction when it comes to pollution and warns folks not to believe everything they hear. One statement they hear a lot that isn’t true is that refineries are the biggest air polluters. The DEQ says only 3 percent of the air pollution comes from Utah refineries. The […]

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    Man speaks after his father, a Pearl Harbor survivor, dies at 98

    SALT LAKE CITY — One of Utah’s last survivors of Pearl Harbor, Maxwell Burggraaf, passed away last week in South Jordan at 98-years-old. Maxwell’s experiences, including his close call and survival after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, are told by his oldest son, Samuel Burgraaf. “I think there are many ordinary people who do small extraordinary things that bless the lives of people around them,” Samuel said. “That’s one of the strong principles I learned from him. Whatever he did, he worked […]

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    Family members speak out after Millcreek man dies at Brighton Ski Resort

    BRIGHTON, Utah — A Millcreek man died Sunday after a snowboarding accident at Brighton Ski Resort. Markus Fritz, 35, died after hitting a tree at the resort. Family members described him as an experienced snowboarder who always wore a helmet. “I guess the same thing I`m feeling right now ‘Is it real? No, it can`t be’ but reality has a different story,” said Markus Erich Fritz, Markus’ father. “He`s been snowboarding for many years and he lived to be on […]

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    Snowboarder survives avalanche in Whistler, records terrifying slide

    WHISTLER, Canada – Aussie snowboarder Tom Oye survived an avalanche in Whistler Jan. 11 and caught the terrifying event on camera. He escaped thanks to a combination of luck and an inflatable backpack after the slope he was traveling down suddenly collapsed beneath his feet. Oye posted the footage to Facebook showing how, in the space of a few seconds, parts of a Canadian hillside turned from an idyllic powdery slope into the scene of a terrifying avalanche. In the […]

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    Utah man fed up with package thefts begins leaving prank parcels on porch

    SALT LAKE CITY — We’ve shown you the security surveillance videos time and time again: criminals going right up to a front door and taking packages. Police say these crimes are only becoming more common. When it happens, it’s not only an inconvenience for people, it’s also upsetting. One Salt Lake City man is taking things into his own hands. Randy Dark was fed up and had enough of people taking his packages. So he set up some cameras, and […]

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    Utah avalanche dog training program marks 40th year

    SALT LAKE CITY — Utah has one of the world’s longest-running avalanche dog training programs.  This year marks 40 years for Wasatch Backcountry Rescue, and people from all over the world are visiting Utah this week to train their dogs for avalanche rescues. When minutes matter and lives are on the line, avalanche rescue dogs are a victim’s best bet for survival. “A dog can clear an avalanche site in less than 20 minutes. The same site, it would take […]

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    Students, parents raise concerns over Highland High dating assignment

    SALT LAKE CITY — It’s a simple assignment that’s getting a failing grade from parents. “This one blew me out of the water. I couldn’t believe some of the questions and guidelines. The whole premise of the assignment was ridiculous,” said Jenn Oxborrow, who has an 11th-grade daughter at Highland High School in Salt Lake City. A paper for girls and a paper for boys were handed out to 11th graders in the required “adult roles and financial literacy class.” […]

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    Experts discuss lift safety after several skiers get stuck hanging from backpack straps

    SALT LAKE CITY — Pictures depict the terrifying moments at a Colorado ski resort Wednesday after a man got his backpack caught on a lift and the pack wrapped around his neck, leaving him dangling from the chair That marks three people in a matter of weeks caught in this scary situation, and two of those were in Utah. In all of the cases the culprit was a backpack. Experts says these incidents could have been prevented had the skiers […]

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    Snow removal budgets in Utah melting away in face of recent storms

    UTAH — Snow removal crews haven’t gotten a break since Christmas, working storm after storm. And while the snow builds up, so do the costs to remove it. The state is plowing through its snow removal budget as each storm comes with a hefty price tag. “We are about 41 percent of our budget expenditure,” said Lisa Miller, Traveler Information Manager for the Utah Department of Transportation. UDOT set aside $24 million for snow removal this snow season, which spans […]

  • sundance-2017-01-03

    Another child gets stuck on ski lift at resort

    SUNDANCE, Utah — Last month, a boy skiing at Sundance Resort went through a terrifying ordeal as his backpack got stuck on a ski lift, leaving him dangling in the air. On Monday, a similar scenario at Sundance Resort played out again. Video shows the boy hanging by a single strap of his backpack Clint Ashmead was only a couple chairs down the lift when it happened. He said he was worried the boy was going to fall or be choked by his […]