From a young age Kiersten Nunez dreamed of being a journalist. After graduating with a bachelor’s from Weber State University she moved to the golden gulf coast. There Kiersten began her television career as a multimedia journalist at WXXV in Gulfport, Mississippi.

After a short time on the gulf coast Kiersten was ready to come home to the beehive state. She now is working as a multimedia journalist at FOX13.

The comment Kiersten gets the most when reporting is, “where is your camera man?” -She’s a one woman band. Photographer and on air talent, rolled into one. And her favorite comment is, “I have a story idea for you.” Kiersten loves writing, shooting, editing and telling YOUR stories.

When Kiersten isn’t out in the field reporting she can be found running, practicing the cello, spending time with loved ones or playing with her dachshund, Gatsby.

Recent Articles
  • Father of man who died attempting rescue in Provo River honors son’s memory

    UTAH COUNTY — This Memorial Day weekend marks one year since a mother and daughter were sitting here on the rocks close to the Provo River when all of the sudden the 4-year-old girl fell in. Her mother jumped in after her, and so did a man the family didn’t even know. “It changed our whole world,” said Troy Thayne. The raging river is a heart-wrenching reminder. “Just one minute different, just one step different would have changed the whole […]

  • Family hopes for justice after remains of Elizabeth Salgado found in Hobble Creek Canyon

    UTAH COUNTY — As the years passed by, Elizabeth Salgado’s uncle’s faith never faltered. “Everyday I would wake up with an attitude that is today is the day we’re going to find her,” Rosemberg Salgado said. But that hope was shattered when two Provo Police officers showed up on the Salgado’s doorstep in California Thursday. “I never, never ever thought that she would be found this way,” Rosemberg said. Investigators told the family a hiker found Elizabeth’s body lost among […]

  • Family members speak after man dies, son severely burned in Brigham City fire

    BRIGHAM CITY, Utah — It was Monday morning when Chris Beach watched the smoke fade away from his father’s trailer. As he talked to police, they had no idea Chris’ father, 83-year-old Kenneth Beach, was still inside. Chris told police his dad was confined to a wheelchair and never could have made it out of the fire on his own. “A little while later they called me and told me they found him,” Chris told Fox 13. “There was no way… […]

  • Neighbor recalls helping burn victim during trailer fire that took life of 83-year-old

    BRIGHAM CITY, Utah – A fatal fire in Brigham City was believed by police to be sparked by a cigarette close to an oxygen tank. Tuesday morning the fire claimed the life of 83-year-old Kenneth Beach. His50-year-old son escaped the home with severe burns, and he’s being treated at the University of Utah Hospital. He has second-degree burns on 35-40 percent of his body. “I’ve never dealt with anything like that before in my life and I hope I never […]

  • Mothers in labor can get new pain relief from unlikely source

    SALT LAKE CITY – For many women giving birth, epidurals are a common, albeit expensive, form of pain relief. The treatments usually cost more than a thousand dollars. There is a much cheaper alternative but it’s only available in a handful of hospitals across the country. Some are calling it the birth of a new era, but nitrous oxide is actually a very old method of relieving pain during labor that’s just now making a comeback in the United States, […]

  • Utah man to make Ogden Marathon his 100th

    OGDEN, Utah — Runners take your mark! Hundreds from all over the world will be running the Ogden marathon Saturday morning, but for one Utah man it’s a very special race as this marks the 100th time he’ll be crossing a marathon finish line. “Every medal is a memory,” Craig Oberg said as he held one of his 99 marathon medals. “You think you can’t remember, but after I look at it for a few minutes I realize, oh I […]

  • Man behind fake apology for LDS Church’s ‘history of racism’ says he wanted to start a discussion

    SALT LAKE CITY — An elaborate, fake website is creating a lot of controversy and heartache among some members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The page claimed to contain an apology over what it called the LDS Church’s “history of racism”. It showed up on social media before LDS Church leaders actually met with the NAACP Thursday morning. “When people think it’s real they are elated, there are profound expressions of joy and remarkably of increased […]

  • Off-duty EMT rescues man trapped under car in Utah County

    SANTAQUIN, Utah — A man was nearly crushed to death after a car collapsed on him Wednesday afternoon, but thankfully an off-duty EMT was at the right place with the right tools to save his life. A man was working under his car when it started crushing him. Although he was in a lot of pain, he was able to grab his phone and call 911. But little did he know, his rescuers were about 100 yards away from him. […]

  • Family of slain UTA worker Kay Ricks blames agency for his death, lawsuit seeks damages

    UTAH COUNTY – Lorie Ricks, the wife of Kay Ricks, a Utah Transit Authority (UTA) worker who was kidnapped and killed in May 2016, filed a lawsuit against his former employer Friday, saying that they are responsible for damages suffered due to her husband’s death. “There have been tears, there have been breakdown moments, but there has been no weakness in her resolve to get some answers,” said Brian Boggess, the Ricks family attorney. Ricks was killed by Flint and D.J. […]

  • South Jordan boy dies after playing ‘fainting game,’ mother has message for other parents

    SOUTH JORDAN, Utah – A 6th-grade boy died over the weekend while he was playing the “fainting game” with his friends in South Jordan. “I spent Mother’s Day planning my son’s funeral, writing his obituary, instead of having breakfast or flowers or I love you mom,” said Celeestia Muai. “Try to imagine what it would be like and multiply that by infinity and that’s kind of what it’s like.. there’s no words.” 12-year-old Tua Muai was playing with friends Friday afternoon […]

  • LDS father who uses CBD oil to treat son reacts to church’s stance on medical marijuana ballot initiative

    SALT LAKE CITY — Reaction is pouring in after The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released a legal analysis of the medical marijuana ballot initiative in Utah, and one active member of the LDS Church whose son is terminally ill read the memo and is confused about why the church is holding such a strong stance. “My faith in God has only grown understanding how cannabis works in our body,” Dave Cromar said. Through prayer and revelation, Cromar […]

  • Missing man found dead in Orem

    OREM, Utah — Orem Police confirm a man reported missing last month was found dead Friday morning. Orem Police say they located the body of Robert Flygare near some railroad tracks in the vicinity of 2000 South, just west of I-15, around 8:30 a.m. Police say Flygare was reported missing after he left his Orem home on April 25, and authorities have been searching ever since. Authorities say a medical examiner will confirm the official cause of death, but they say […]