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From a young age Kiersten Nunez dreamed of being a journalist. After graduating with a bachelor’s from Weber State University she moved to the golden gulf coast. There Kiersten began her television career as a multimedia journalist at WXXV in Gulfport, Mississippi.

After a short time on the gulf coast Kiersten was ready to come home to the beehive state. She now is working as a multimedia journalist at FOX13.

The comment Kiersten gets the most when reporting is, “where is your camera man?” -She’s a one woman band. Photographer and on air talent, rolled into one. And her favorite comment is, “I have a story idea for you.” Kiersten loves writing, shooting, editing and telling YOUR stories.

When Kiersten isn’t out in the field reporting she can be found running, practicing the cello, spending time with loved ones or playing with her dachshund, Gatsby.

Recent Articles
  • A community grieves after two teenagers are struck by a car in Perry, Utah

    PERRY, Utah – A 16-year-old girl has died, and a 14-year-old girl remains critical condition after a truck hit them on US-89 in Perry Sunday night. Sarah Hardy, 14, remains in critical condition while her best friend Alexis Nelson, 16,  passed away from her injuries. A fun afternoon with best friends turned into tragedy. The two were walking to a fruit stand in Perry not far from their homes when they were hit. “They came over to get some pumpkins […]

  • Family speaks after crash in SLC kills 4-year-old girl, leaves mother in hospital

    SALT LAKE CITY — We’re learning more about 4-year-old Lila Johanson, who died after a car crashed into a tree in Salt Lake City Wednesday night. “We were met in the parking lot by two Salt Lake City Police Officers who were very gracious in sharing the news,” said Kevin Johanson, Lila’s grandfather. “She’s a very pure spirit and a very special spirit that we got to have,” It was around 10 o’clock on 27th South when police say Lila’s […]

  • Police search for alleged ‘peeping Tom’ at South Salt Lake apartment complex

    SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah – Police are looking for an alleged “peeping Tom” at an apartment complex in South Salt Lake. Officials searched the large complex at 3800 S. 700 W. A woman called police at about 5 a.m. Wednesday to report a “suspicious man” peering into an apartment window. When officers arrived, one spotted the alleged “peeping Tom,” who apparently also saw police and took off. Police called in a K-9 officer to help and set up a containment […]

  • Corn maze owner speaks after 3-year-old boy left behind

    A 3-year-old child has been reunited with family after being left at a corn maze in West Jordan near 8800 s. 4000 W. West Jordan Police said a corn maze employee found the child at about 8 p.m. Monday night and turned over the child to an officer.

  • “Operation Underground Railroad” works to keep young victims of natural disasters safe

    SALT LAKE CITY – When natural disasters hit impoverished areas, it creates a perfect target for human traffickers to take advantage of vulnerable children. That’s why Operation Underground Railroad, an organization made up of former CIA Navy Seals and Special Ops agents, is so valuable in these times of crisis. “We have one girl right now that was affected by the recent hurricane in the Dominican Republic, and she is currently missing,” said Jessica Mass, Director of Aftercare for Operation […]

  • Las Vegas Strip returning to normal in wake of mass shooting

    LAS VEGAS — Even as portions of the Las Vegas Strip remain an active crime scene, the entertainment capital of the world is bonding together to get back to normal Thursday night. Candles and other memorials join prayers from passersby on the Las Vegas strip. “You’re trying to be strong,” said Yvonne Nirelli, who is visiting from New York. Those memorials replaced the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip after bullets showered down on thousands of innocent people […]

  • Utah woman and canine companions help responders cope in wake of Las Vegas shooting

    LAS VEGAS — As the nation mourns those killed in a mass shooting in Las Vegas, a Utah woman is doing her part to help the community cope. Shari Swift of Cedar City, Utah, is walking the Las Vegas Strip with Sasha and Shay in an effort to lift spirits and help people find moments of peace. Swift’s animals are critical incident stress dogs. She and the pups have been meeting with paramedics, police and others who need a moment […]

  • Utahns thank unknown hero who saved friend in Las Vegas shooting

    LAS VEGAS — Two friends of a woman who was shot in Las Vegas Sunday night are giving thanks for the stranger who removed their friend from further harm. Jeff and Diane Germain, of St. George, told FOX 13 their friend was shot in the head and is now recovering in a hospital. Once the Germains learned their friend was shot, they rushed to Las Vegas. “It was pandemonium. It took us hours to find her. Nobody could find her […]

  • ‘We were crawling through blood;’ Utahns recount escaping Las Vegas shooting

    LAS VEGAS – People are still trying to take in what happened just over a day ago, when 22,000 people were forced to run for their lives. Utahns who were at the Route 91 concert and escaped with their lives are now sharing their stories of survival. They’re now speaking out about the terror they felt as the gunman shot down at them from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Many said despite the fear and chaos, angels stopped […]

  • Video shows attempted robbery prior to fatal officer-involved shooting in SLC

    SALT LAKE CITY — An ordinary Thursday took a turn when a car pulled up in front of Addictive Behavior Motor Works in Salt Lake City. “So here he is pulling up, my employee and a customer is sitting out front,” said Candice Davis, Owner of Addictive Behavior Motor Works, as she showed Fox 13 surveillance video from Thursday afternoon. Davis says after the car pulls up, a man jumps out and approaches her employee, Josh Meredith. “He asked if […]

  • Suspect dead, two officers injured after shooting in Salt Lake City

    SALT LAKE CITY — A suspect was shot and killed by Salt Lake City Police Thursday, and a witness tell Fox 13 police fired their weapons after the suspect seized an officer’s baton and used it to attack police. Police were called to the area of 500 East and 300 South around 4 p.m. on a report of a trespasser, and they made contact with the suspect in the parking lot of a Maverik located in that area. “It would […]

  • Nearly two dozen LDS Missionaries serving in Puerto Rico relocated to Utah

    SALT LAKE CITY — Wednesday afternoon nearly two dozen LDS Missionaries packed Terminal Two at the Salt Lake City International Airport. The missionaries were serving in Puerto Rico when devastation hit the island. They, along with more than a hundred other missionaries, were forced to leave most of their belongings as they evacuated the island after Hurricane Irma tore through Puerto Rico. Most of them got out before hurricane Maria hit. Meanwhile, the missionaries’ loved ones waited anxiously for updates. […]