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My name is Hope Woodside – I am the female half of Utah’s longest running news team – but don’t jump to conclusions that we are the OLDEST news team!:) I am a native of Chicago but have been living here since 1995 and love it.

I adore the ski slopes, great restaurants, awesome people, Sundance film festival, golf courses, beautiful National Parks and lots of animal lovers – and great theatre from Salt Lake’s Acting company to Park City’s Egyptian theatre – you can always find a great show and even better talent! Utah has something for everyone.

I’m proud to be affiliated with FOX 13 – Our station works with Utah’s American Cancer Society. Each year, FOX 13 sponsors the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk – we raise money for breast cancer research and programs for people who have breast cancer. Thousands of people descend on Liberty Park in Salt Lake City and we walk together – share stories, and laugh. We also take the time to remember and honor those who have won and lost the fight against this disease. Please come join us – you can find information in the Health section of this web page!

In 2011 I was honored to be named Salt Lake’s “City Weekly Best TV Anchorwoman!” You have no idea how grateful I am for fourteen years of support from wonderful people who watch and vote! THANK YOU!

Feel free to email me – I would love to hear from you – Hope.

Recent Articles
  • Utah aunt and nephew celebrate ‘liver-versary’ each year after life-saving donation

    What would you do if you or a family member needed a liver? That’s the situation 18-year old Carson Strachan faced. His parents were not a match, but one family member was. At 18, Carson turned yellow. He saw a doctor, who determined the teen needed a liver transplant. When his father was not a match, his aunt, Liz Ellsworth, got tested. “Liz actually with my dad went and got tested with the doctors and didn’t tell me until actually […]

  • Utah woman owes her life to teen who felt strongly about organ donation

    SALT LAKE CITY — Carol Holmes is alive today thanks to a teen and his mother, who is now passionate about organ donation. “For years I didn’t feel very good and nobody could really figure out why,” Holmes said. “I just was extremely tired and I just didn’t feel right.” Carol’s doctor said she’d need a new liver, but not for several years. But then just a couple of years later, a blood test revealed her health was deteriorating. “I […]

  • Utah man hosts annual benefit ride after receiving life-saving transplant

    SALT LAKE CITY — Shaun Coon was the recipient of a live-saving organ donation, and now he hosts a Gift of Life ride to raise money to educate people about organ donation. The ride has grown each year and raises funds to benefit Intermountain Donor Services. “I was on a waiting list for six months, I was in a coma for two,” Coon said. “…I waited for two months after that and finally got the call that there was a […]

  • ‘Miracle Babies’ reunite with NICU staff at aquarium in Draper

    DRAPER, Utah — Kids love the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, but once a year a very special group of children make a visit. They’re called “miracle babies”, and each spent the first few weeks of their lives in a newborn intensive care unit. The theme of this year’s visit is “just keep swimming.” Each of the kids who attended beat long odds to be at the special gathering, and they got help along the way from the medical staff at […]

  • Utah teen’s dream comes true with garbage truck ride, trip to Disney World

    WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah — A garbage truck and Disney World may not seem like an ideal combination, but it was a dream come true for a West Valley City teenager battling a serious disease. Austin Trusty is a 15-year-old who loves Disney movies and garbage trucks, and he had a wish granted this week by the Make-A-Wish Utah foundation. Austin enjoys garbage pick up day. “Because when I don’t have school I chase that [truck] around my neighborhood… It’s […]

  • LDS Church leaders present donation to Utah Children’s Justice Center

    SALT LAKE CITY — Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are hoping a recent donation will go a long way toward helping Utah children recover from abuse. The leaders of the LDS Church’s Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary organizations delivered a check for $120,000 to the Utah Children’s Justice Center. The center says the money will go toward enhancing medical services at eight of the center’s locations across the state. Currently, the Justice Center says […]

  • Program hopes to fill 40,000 Utah jobs that don’t require 4-year degrees

    SALT LAKE CITY — For many people, a four-year degree isn’t always an option, but a new program launched this week aims to fill 40,000 jobs that require different qualifications. Utah Gov. Gary Herbert announced a $2.1 million grant from the Utah Cluster Acceleration Partnership that will help the Talent Ready Utah program. “We’re trying to figure out a way to fill 40,000 high-paying positions that are out there right now, but we don’t have qualified workers to fill them,” […]

  • Utah students compete in annual Braille Challenge

    SALT LAKE CITY — More than 40 students ages 5 to 18 put their skills to the test Friday during an annual competition. This year marked the 17th annual Braille Challenge, which is a national competition for those with impaired vision. The competition has four categories: speed and accuracy, proofreading, reading comprehension, and reading charts and graphs. Fox 13’s Hope Woodside spoke with some of the students and educators involved in this year’s event, see the video above for her […]

  • Expert warns Utah residents about scam calls regarding jury duty, the IRS

    UTAH COUNTY — Utah officials are warning residents about a couple of phone scams making the rounds in the Beehive State. Sgt. Scott Finch works at the Utah County Attorney’s Office, so he was well-prepared for the call he got recently. “I talked with an individual that said that I had a warrant for my arrest for missing jury duty earlier in the month,” Finch said. Finch said that individual called him on his home phone and demanded money to […]

  • Bill to exempt hygiene items like tampons from sales tax in Utah stalls in committee

    SALT LAKE CITY – Utah Lawmakers have stalled a bill that would have made diapers, tampons and other hygiene products exempt from sales tax. Utah Representative Susan Duckworth, D-Magna, wants to make it so many hygiene products don’t have a sales tax because she says the products are a necessity for many. “It’s not just about women,” she said. “It’s about our senior population, children, and it’s even about younger people that have incontinent products, middle-aged people.” Duckworth said lawmakers […]

  • Needle exchange program works to limit spread of disease among addicts

    SALT LAKE CITY — There are around 600 opioid overdose deaths in Utah every year, which is the fourth highest rate in the nation, and a needle exchange program is helping addicts by limiting the spread of diseases like HIV and hepatitis C. Mindy Vincent is a licensed clinical social worker who used to abuse drugs, so her counseling is grounded in personal experience. These days Vincent is the Executive Director for the Utah Harm Reduction Coalition. “We can wish that addiction […]

  • Skaters take the ice in fundraiser for lifelong hockey fan murdered in South Ogden

    SOUTH OGDEN, Utah — Cyle VanKomen, 20, was a victim in a double homicide in South Ogden on December 9, and a recent fundraiser to help his family celebrated the times Cyle was at his happiest. When the puck dropped in VanKomen’s men’s hockey league, Cyle liked to be at center ice. “He was a Beaver from the beginning, and this is just our men’s league hockey team, and so all the players on the ice have played with Cyle, […]