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Hi! I want to say "thanks" if you watch FOX 13's Live at Five and FOX 13 News at Nine .. and if you don't - why not check it out!?

My name is Hope Woodside - I am the female half of Utah's longest running news team - but don't jump to conclusions that we are the OLDEST news team!:) I am a native of Chicago but have been living here since 1995 and love it.

I adore the ski slopes, great restaurants, awesome people, Sundance film festival, golf courses, beautiful National Parks and lots of animal lovers - and great theatre from Salt Lake's Acting company to Park City's Egyptian theatre - you can always find a great show and even better talent! Utah has something for everyone.

I'm proud to be affiliated with FOX 13 - Our station works with Utah's American Cancer Society. Each year, FOX 13 sponsors the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk - we raise money for breast cancer research and programs for people who have breast cancer. Thousands of people descend on Liberty Park in Salt Lake City and we walk together - share stories, and laugh. We also take the time to remember and honor those who have won and lost the fight against this disease. Please come join us - you can find information in the Health section of this web page!

In 2011 I was honored to be named Salt Lake's "City Weekly Best TV Anchorwoman!" You have no idea how grateful I am for fourteen years of support from wonderful people who watch and vote! THANK YOU!

Feel free to email me - I would love to hear from you - Hope.

Recent Articles
  • Woman who lost husband says his ‘Gifts of Hope’ gave others a second-chance at life

    SALT LAKE CITY – In this week’s edition of Gift of Hope we meet a wife and mother who was dealt a terrible loss but has found solace in educating others about organ donation. About seven months ago, Deb Coffey and her husband, Dean, were in their kitchen when Dean had a stroke. The 50-year-old man was rushed to the hospital. “The surgeon came out of the [operating room] to talk to me, and he gently told me that he […]

  • Cirque du Soleil brings show inspired by Greek mythology to Salt Lake City

    SALT LAKE CITY — The circus is back in town, but it’s not the kind with lions and elephants. Cirque du Soliel brought their production of Varekai to the Maverik Center this week. The show is one of the group’s largest, and they brought some big set pieces and talented acrobats to town. FOX 13 News got a behind the scenes look at the production ahead of its local run. Varekai is one of the group’s 18 classic productions, but […]

  • Two women who lost husbands are encouraging others to give the Gift of Hope

    Two tragic circumstances brought two women together who are now encouraging others to become organ donors. Both women lost their husbands; one in a snowmobiling accident and the other waiting for a liver. Alesha and her husband Tawanee Kolb were waiting for a liver Tawanee needed. He had his first liver transplant in 2003 but the disease returned in August 2013 and he needed another one. “If you could save just one person and give one person the chance to live another 5, […]

  • Non-profit turns meth-contaminated home into community asset

    WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah – A dramatic home renovation in West Valley City shows off some of the latest ideas out there when it comes to having a safe, healthy and energy-efficient home. Developers say the home they renovated used to have methamphetamine contamination, mold, mildew and asbestos-based paint. The roof was practically gone, and those were just some of the problems. But now, thanks to the Community Development Corporation of Utah, the house at 3888 South 2520 West underwent […]

  • Two veterans discuss Gifts of Hope that gave them new hearts

    SALT LAKE CITY – In this week’s edition of Gift of Hope, we put the spotlight on two women who’ve served our nation; Roxanne Walden, a veteran and heart recipient, and Vernique Lynn, a navy dental tech–who was waiting for a heart and just recently received one. Lynn enlisted in the Navy at the age of 17, and later in life she got breast cancer. While chemotherapy got rid of the cancer, it also caused heart failure. She spoke to […]

  • Utah living donor gives coworker the Gift of Hope with a kidney

    Would you ever think about being a living donor? This Utah man did and gave the Gift of Hope to another man in need. Meet 36-year-old Darrin Briggs, a Utahn with a big heart who stepped up for a friend and coworker. When Tessa, a coworker, friend and fellow Green Bay Packer fan, learned her kidney was failing, Darrin found out about it in an email. Tessa had emailed a few close friends about her condition. She quipped at the […]

  • GOH_anderson6

    Marathon runner’s Gift of Hope allows cousin to go for gold at Transplant Games

    After 15 years of marriage, the unthinkable happened for Katherine Anderson. Her husband, Nick, died suddenly after an unforeseen brain aneurysm two years ago. “Nick and I had already talked about it; he had on his driver’s license he wanted to be an organ donor,” Katherine said. Katherine and their three children have memories of a wonderful husband and father. “He had a love of life and of people,” she said. “He was a runner and ran two marathons. He […]

  • ‘Reality Town’ gives students in Layton a preview of struggles of adult life

    LAYTON, Utah – Some junior high school students in Utah grew up fast this week, as “Reality Town” came to North Layton Junior High School. Reality Town is an event where students are assigned an occupation and salary based on their current GPA, and they then go from booth to booth and pay for things like their housing, insurance and child care. The process of juggling work with paying bills and providing for a family was a wake-up call for […]

  • GOH_Shiloh_2014_74a

    Utah family thanks strangers for child’s Gift of Hope that saved daughter’s life

    A Utah girl who was diagnosed with a heart defect before she was born is living a full life today because of a stranger’s Gift of Hope. When Hillary Thompson was 29 weeks pregnant, she learned her little girl’s heart wasn’t working and her baby would need an operation. Baby Shiloh’s left ventricle was shutting down.   After three surgeries in all, baby Shiloh went into heart failure and was put on the transplant list. “We were desperately hoping that […]

  • USU research into morphing antennas could mean better wireless service

    LOGAN, Utah – Researchers at Utah State University are working on a project to improve cell phone service and data streaming using a new type of antenna that can change its properties. Bedri Cetiner is an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Utah State University, and he said they are developing smarter antenna technologies that offer improvements over the traditional set ups. “The difference here is we have an antenna technology that enables a single antenna to dynamically […]

  • Outdoor lover grateful tissue donor’s ‘Gift of Hope’ enabled his recovery

    SALT LAKE CITY — When you think of organ donation, you probably think of the heart, kidney and liver donations–but tissue donation is giving thousands of people, like Utahn Chris Mitchell, the ability to live life to the fullest. Mitchell was born in Texas but said he has always dreamed of living in the mountains, and that dream was realized when he moved to Utah to bike, ski and snowboard. But after suffering a hard fall while snowboarding, Mitchell had […]

  • Woman pursues healthy living to honor lung donor’s ‘Gift of Hope’

    OGDEN, Utah — Rebecca Nelson was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, which showed up as a little scar on her lungs in 1980 while living in Texas, and 20 years later it reactivated—chewing up her lungs. “Within a year, I would almost pass out just taking a shower,” Nelson said. “I couldn’t walk up the stairs in my house, and so I went to the doctor, and he said you need to get in the hospital, your oxygen level is 70 percent.” […]


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