Hi! I want to say “thanks” if you watch FOX 13’s Live at Five and FOX 13 News at Nine .. and if you don’t – why not check it out!?

My name is Hope Woodside – I am the female half of Utah’s longest running news team – but don’t jump to conclusions that we are the OLDEST news team!:) I am a native of Chicago but have been living here since 1995 and love it.

I adore the ski slopes, great restaurants, awesome people, Sundance film festival, golf courses, beautiful National Parks and lots of animal lovers – and great theatre from Salt Lake’s Acting company to Park City’s Egyptian theatre – you can always find a great show and even better talent! Utah has something for everyone.

I’m proud to be affiliated with FOX 13 – Our station works with Utah’s American Cancer Society. Each year, FOX 13 sponsors the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk – we raise money for breast cancer research and programs for people who have breast cancer. Thousands of people descend on Liberty Park in Salt Lake City and we walk together – share stories, and laugh. We also take the time to remember and honor those who have won and lost the fight against this disease. Please come join us – you can find information in the Health section of this web page!

In 2011 I was honored to be named Salt Lake’s “City Weekly Best TV Anchorwoman!” You have no idea how grateful I am for fourteen years of support from wonderful people who watch and vote! THANK YOU!

Feel free to email me – I would love to hear from you – Hope.

Recent Articles
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    School district says breakfast in classroom program improving academics and behavior

    SALT LAKE CITY — We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that’s especially true for young students. Unfortunately, many young people don’t get a morning meal, but a new program is trying to change that. The breakfast in the classroom program started on April 1 as a pilot program at Backman Elementary and three other schools. The program replaces a former plan that provided breakfast for students but required them to arrive early. […]

  • promo285463434

    Photos: Stunning flowers at Thanksgiving Point’s Tulip Festival

    Fox 13’s Hope Woodside visited the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point and wanted to share some of the beautiful flowers with you. Have you been? Show us your stunning pictures here by clicking the red “Submit Your Photo” button.

  • promo285220836

    Utah Symphony and Shakespeare Festival team up for anniversary edition of ‘Romeo and Juliet’

    SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Symphony is celebrating its 75th anniversary, and the Utah Shakespeare Festival is helping out. The two iconic Utah arts groups are teaming up to perform Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet, and FOX 13 News was recently invited along for the final rehearsal at Abravanel Hall. We got a sneak peek at a portion of the show, where Friar Lawrence talks about secretly marrying the impassioned lovers, Romeo and Juliet. “Romeo, near death was Juliet’s husband, […]

  • promo284614874

    Professor, police chief discuss next steps after majority of rape kits in Utah went unprocessed

    SALT LAKE CITY — For the last 25 years, FBI crime reports have shown higher rates of rape in Utah than the national average. As many as one in three women report they’ve been sexually assaulted, and new research suggests a majority of the state’s rape kits are not processed. “This study is about people,” said BYU professor Julie Valentine, the author. “It’s about every individual who these kits was collected from that were impacted by sexual violence.” Two years […]

  • promo283924463

    Ogden’s Bookateria reaches its final chapter after 44 years in business

    OGDEN, Utah — After 44 years in business, a beloved bookstore in Ogden is closing its doors for good. The Bookateria paperback book exchange has hit a wall in business, with the owner saying demand for the printed word is decreasing. The shop has been around for decades, but the final chapter is coming to a close. “It started in 1972, I was 11-years-old,” said Tracy Socwell, son of the shop’s owner. “I actually worked from that time on, over […]

  • organ donation

    Son donates to father as University of Utah performs their first live-donor liver transplant

    SALT LAKE CITY – While many organs are donated after a person passes away, University of Utah Health Care recently performed their first live-donor liver transplant. It’s a fairly rare operation, as under four percent of all liver transplants in America are performed using live donors. “A young, healthy donor of [his or her] own volition agrees to undergo an operation to have part of his or her liver removed, and at that very same day have it transplanted into […]

  • promo279694318

    Donation from Utah Jazz, local credit union helps school for students with special needs

    WEST JORDAN, Utah – A donation to a school for children with special needs will help them build more accessible swings, and the donation came along with a visit from the Utah Jazz Bear. The $5,000 donation will help the Kauri Sue Hamilton School build new swing sets for children in wheelchairs. “When that bear shows up, these kids are just alive,” said Shelley Woeste, a physical therapist at the school. “They are so pumped, it’s amazing how excited and […]

  • promo278902909

    Teens from 10 states take to Park City slopes during Un-Limb-ited Amputee Camp

    PARK CITY, Utah — Teenagers hitting the slopes at Park City Mountain Resort may not sound all that unusual, but for this group of teens the activity represents an important victory. A group of teenage amputees from 10 different states, all patients from Shriners Hospitals for Children, were at Park City recently to shred the slopes. Each of the 25 is an amputee or someone who deals with a limb deficiency. “A lot of the amputees I was working with […]

  • promo276151892

    Utah researchers say bad air days correlate with greater risk of heart attack

    SALT LAKE CITY – While it’s well-known that air pollution is a public health issue, specifically in terms of lung problems, new research from Intermountain Medical Center indicates a correlation between bad air and a greater risk for heart attacks. Doctor Brent Muhlestein, co-director of cardiology research at Intermountain Medical Center, said he and his staff investigated impacts to health from bad air beyond what happens to a person’s lungs. Researchers used records from doctors at Brigham Young University regarding […]

  • promo274682067

    18 years after cross-country lawnmower ride, Utahn remains an advocate for organ donation

    SALT LAKE CITY — Back in 1997, a young boy from Utah rode a lawnmower across the country in a quest to raise money for organ donation. Now, a grown up Ryan Tripp continues to be an advocate for live-saving donations. Tripp was twelve when he heard about Whitnie Pender in 1997. She was a 3-month-old who needed a liver transplant but didn’t have the money to pay for it. “We had a crazy idea to ride a lawnmower across […]

  • Tran 1

    College student has curfew for health as she waits for Gift of Hope

    Imagine having to be home each night at a certain time or your health could suffer. Truc Tran, 20, has been waiting for a kidney so she can get back to the business of living life. Tran is a student at the University of Utah. “I go to the U of Utah in finance and hope to further my career in finance and accounting field,” Tran said. “I work for a tech company and do human resources and stuff and […]

  • Kidney_Twins

    Bonds of brotherhood give Utah man Gift of Hope, connect blood brothers for life

    When a Utah man needed a kidney, his brother got tested and created a bond the two will never forget. It’s been 45 years since one donated his kidney to the other, and the Romero brothers don’t show any signs of slowing down. Eloy and Fred Romero are brothers; their families are close and often get together.  Eloy and Fred both enlisted and were proud to serve; Eloy went to Vietnam and Fred was in the Air Force. But when […]


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