Hi! I want to say “thanks” if you watch FOX 13’s Live at Five and FOX 13 News at Nine .. and if you don’t – why not check it out!?

My name is Hope Woodside – I am the female half of Utah’s longest running news team – but don’t jump to conclusions that we are the OLDEST news team!:) I am a native of Chicago but have been living here since 1995 and love it.

I adore the ski slopes, great restaurants, awesome people, Sundance film festival, golf courses, beautiful National Parks and lots of animal lovers – and great theatre from Salt Lake’s Acting company to Park City’s Egyptian theatre – you can always find a great show and even better talent! Utah has something for everyone.

I’m proud to be affiliated with FOX 13 – Our station works with Utah’s American Cancer Society. Each year, FOX 13 sponsors the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk – we raise money for breast cancer research and programs for people who have breast cancer. Thousands of people descend on Liberty Park in Salt Lake City and we walk together – share stories, and laugh. We also take the time to remember and honor those who have won and lost the fight against this disease. Please come join us – you can find information in the Health section of this web page!

In 2011 I was honored to be named Salt Lake’s “City Weekly Best TV Anchorwoman!” You have no idea how grateful I am for fourteen years of support from wonderful people who watch and vote! THANK YOU!

Feel free to email me – I would love to hear from you – Hope.

Recent Articles
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    Young man living with purpose years after receiving Gift of Hope

    SALT LAKE CITY — In Thursday’s edition of Gift of Hope, we meet a young man who received a life saving liver donation when he was a baby. FOX 13 News’ Hope Woodside has a look at how an organ donation made it possible for Ashton Arndt to fulfill his dreams. When Ashton Arndt was born, he was jaundiced, and that condition was a precursor to a serious diagnosis. At 2 months old, doctors determined Ashton had liver disease. But, thankfully, […]

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    Boys become best friends while waiting for Gifts of Hope

    They were two young boys who became friends while waiting for a new hearts; Teagan and Alex. We recently checked in with Alex Homer, who is thriving after a long struggle with a heart defect. At Fox Hollow Elementary School, 8-year-old Alex looks like just another student, but 18 weeks ago, his parents were told he’d need a series of surgeries. During hospital stays, his classmates reached out. “I remember she brought one of those bags completely filled with cards […]

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    Operation Give working to send Christmas cheer to deployed soldiers

    SALT LAKE CITY — Troop draw-downs in Iraq and Afghanistan could make you think all soldiers will be home for the holiday, but thousands are still serving in those areas, not to mention those troops stationed in other places like South Korea, Europe and Japan. With that in mind, volunteers in Utah are participating in an annual event aimed at helping those in the military enjoy the holidays. The event is called Operation Give, and it’s been making holidays happier […]

  • Lily

    5-year-old girl surprised by woman who saved her life in tearful reunion

    SALT LAKE CITY — It’s a reunion between a 5-year-old girl and the person who saved her life by giving her a piece of themselves. This bubbly child’s life was very different before a stranger stepped in to offer the gift of life. A year ago when we met Lily, she was a very sick little girl. Her family moved to Utah from Caldwell, Idaho, to wait for a kidney. After months of waiting, Lily’s mom, Amanda, got proactive and […]

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    Snowbird debuts high-tech alternative to artillery for avalanche control

    SNOWBIRD, Utah — It’s the first of its kind in Utah, and it kind of looks like an egg. But, it’s actually a high-tech machine that’s capable of triggering more than a dozen explosions, which can be helpful for avalanche control. At first glance, you wouldn’t think this pod at Snowbird is worth $150,000. But, Snowbird says the breakthrough machine will help crews with avalanche control work throughout the season. There are already nine artillery stations on Snowbird private property […]

  • promo271053177

    Gift of Hope: Utahns saving lives one organ donation at a time

    Fox 13 News is partnering again with Intermountain Organ Services to encourage you to save lives by becoming an organ donor in our Thursday night series called Gift of Hope. Alex McDonald with Intermountain Donor Services joined Hope Woodside in studio to explain how those stories of Uthans’ journeys through organ donation propelled you to say “yes” to organ donation. “We have something called a ‘consent rate.’ When we talk to families in the hospital in time of death, people, […]

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    YWCA, city leaders honor victims of gun violence and offer support

    SALT LAKE CITY — City leaders and the YWCA are planting flowers to remember and honor those who have been victims of gun violence. Utah’s YWCA invited city leaders to plant daffodils outside of the Public Safety Building in Salt Lake City this year to honor fallen and surviving victims of gun violence. “We hope that they will see them and to remember that they are a colorful presence in our community that we care for, that we want to […]

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    Utah website honored by Center for Digital Government

    SALT LAKE CITY – The Center for Digital Government is recognizing a Utah website for its success. Locate.Utah.gov was launched last May, and the website helps people locate businesses where broadband is available and also includes transportation, workforce and lifestyle features. The site was launched by the Utah Broadband Outreach Center and the Utah Department of Technology, and this year, the Center for Digital Government honored them with the Digital Government Achievement award for their success. “This is a brand […]

  • Irrigation system at U of U uses weather data to conserve water supply

    SALT LAKE CITY — The average homeowner with a sprinkler system probably has one clock and maybe 10 to 15 watering stations on perhaps an eighth of an acre or less. Grounds crews at the University of Utah obviously have a lot more space, and thus water, to work with–but they are takings steps to conserve that precious resource. With more than 200 irrigated acres, the University of Utah’s system has 172 clocks, which control more than 2,600 irrigation stations. […]

  • Rosie Rivera of Riverton precinct is UPD’s first-ever female chief

    RIVERTON, Utah — As Utah celebrates its pioneer heritage this weekend, a Utah policewoman is continuing her pioneering career. Rosie Rivera is a new deputy chief in the Unified Police Department, and her promotion is the latest in a long line of firsts for Rivera. Rivera was the first female officer of the year for the metro gang unit. She was the first female sergeant and lieutenant for Taylorsville Police Department, and now she is the first woman in the […]

  • BYU study on winning, losing suggests kids experience complex emotions at young age

    PROVO, Utah — How do children react to winning and losing? Researchers at Brigham Young University recently conducted a study to see when children recognize complex emotions, and their findings suggest parents should be ready to discuss such emotions with their children at a young age. The researchers asked children ages 2 to 6 to come in and take part in a friendly competition. The children were told they had to beat the world’s fastest tower builder. In one situation, […]

  • Utah police agencies attend ‘Lethality Assessment Program’ training on domestic violence

    SALT LAKE CITY — About a dozen questions may be all it takes to stop a murder, and a new training program emphasizing that is being used by six Utah police departments. Last month, FOX 13 News reported on two families who were victims of domestic homicide, and experts said it’s a growing problem for the state. “Nationally, about 30 percent of homicides are attributed to domestic violence, but in Utah, over a ten-year trend, we’re as high as 43 […]


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