Brett Benson


Brett Benson is Fox 13's weeknight meteorologist. You can catch him at five and nine Monday-Friday.

Brett grew up in Park City, Utah and attended BYU where he played football during what he calls "the Detmer years." His wife grew up in Utah as well (she is a University of Utah fan, but Brett is working on that) and they jumped at the chance to move back home after living in the beautiful cities of Portland, Oregon and Madison, Wisconsin for about five years.

Brett graduated in Broadcast Journalism from BYU and holds the Broadcast Meteorology Certificate from Mississippi State University and holds the Seal of Approval from the National Weather Association. In addition to his "traditional schooling" he worked five years for Weather Central, one of the largest Broadcast Meteorology vendors in the world (they program and build the computer systems that television meteorologists use.)

Regarding his return to his home state, Brett commented, "We're so happy to be back in Utah. One of the things that is exciting about coming back is teaching our kids to ski. When we lived in Madison the 'big' ski resort boasted 700 feet of vertical (I believe that is about the same vertical measurement as Chickadee at Snowbird!)"

Brett's first TV job was at Park City Television where he was an anchor, camera operator, editor, sales rep, general manager…you name it. During his time there he met/interviewed many legends in the skiing/snowsports and the independent film industries.

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