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Big Budah is the features reporter for Fox 13’s Good Day Utah and Live at Eleven. Prior to joining Fox 13, he worked in local radio and has appeared in a number of feature films.

He describes himself as a “fat guy with a mic and he’ll do almost anything to make someone smile.

Budah and his wife are the proud parents of five children. He has learned that if his family laughs at his antics, so will anyone else.

Off-camera, he is the same guy you see during his live shots on Fox 13. And if you can’t tell, he loves life as much as he loves his job.

Budah loves food and sports. He spends his spare time coaching his kid’s sports teams. Before Budah joined the FOX13 Good Day Utah team, viewers will remember him from his radio career in Salt Lake City. He has been on Clear Channel’s KISN 97 as well as Millcreek’s Power 107.9 and U92.

Prior to his radio career in Salt Lake, Budah was also doing radio in northern California.

Recent Articles
  • IMG_0424

    Big Budah’s blog: Busy and loving it

    This week has been busy as usual, and I have had to move my workouts to early morning before work in order to finish Honey-Do lists and coach football. It is what I signed up for, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. A big part of the little success I am experiencing is due in large part to the way I got started on this Losing For Life journey. Thanks to Doctors Cottom and Richards, BMI Utah, Salt Lake […]

  • FullSizeRender

    Big Budah’s blog: ‘Be careful what you wish for’

    “Be careful what you wish for.” That popular expression is exactly how I feel about this week and my workouts! I have been working out in the afternoons immediately following work, but then I realized that Vasa Fitness is open 24 hours, so I decided to start working out before work at 3 and 3:30 a.m. On one occasion I asked Team Fleks founder Philip Filimoeatu to work out with me, and that is when I discovered two new swear words: […]

  • FullSizeRender

    Big Budah’s blog: Setting my sights on the Road to ‘300’

    This week I got after my workouts pretty hard for five days straight since joining Team Fleks. Big shout out to Team Fleks creator Philip Filimoeatu for letting me be a part of this movement, which should not be a surprise as they state on their Facebook page “We help others and look for ways to serve, we are kind. We support others in improving themselves and achieving their goals. We may not be related, or even the same color, […]

  • budah and his cousin

    Big Budah’s blog: A loss in the family

    There is nothing new to report health-wise this week, as I spent a lot of time reflecting on how short life is with the passing of my cousin Omen Moea’i. He died from the result of a traffic accident and left behind a wife and four kids. This has made me want to continue to find life enriching, life affirming activities to do with my family. One love, see you next week. Click here to follow my Losing for Life […]

  • IMG_6185

    Big Budah’s blog: An island vacation

    I don’t have much to report this week because I was on vacation for a few days in Hawaii. I had a blast with my family, and it was good to catch up with relatives! We stayed in Kapolei with cousin Shon, visited the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie, had a Jam sesh with cousin David and brother Lu, and watched movies with sister Verdi… So it was an all-out family affair. Check out the photo gallery above for some snapshots […]

  • Big Budah checks out scuba diving at Living Planet Aquarium

  • IMG_6161

    Big Budah’s blog: Keeping busy at a family reunion

    This week I can theme it as, “No rest for the weary”! I hosted and participated in my 9th annual family reunion with my siblings and their families. Bittersweet is a better description of how we were emotionally, with my sister Lynette attempting to recover from brain surgery. Nevertheless, plans were made and the show must go on. Sunday dinner, Seven Peaks Water Park, $5 Movie at Megaplex, Boondocks in Draper, Yuba State Park, and backyard volleyball. The activities are […]

  • IMG_6039

    Big Budah’s blog: Hanging out and staying active

    WHAT A WEEK!!  I have been so busy with activities that I know would have been difficult to do if I were still 450 pounds. I go to experience a little anti-gravity fitness at the Imagination Place and found myself upside down like Spider-Man. The house was emptier than usual, as our two daughters were away for a church activity walking the Pioneer Trek in Wyoming. I am proud of myself a little this week, as I showed some restraint […]

  • IMG_5889

    Big Budah’s blog: A week of victory

    I had an exciting week of events that started out with a victory at the Big Mountain Jam Tournament. The girls of Jordan High School’s JV division took third place, and the Varsity squad took the championship. I’m so proud of the girls and coaches. The middle of the week also featured a birthday and an anniversary celebration at Costco with the whole family. The week ended the way it started, with the California Cruiser 18U team winning the first […]

  • budah blog fi

    Big Budah’s blog: Memories and family time on Father’s Day

    I thought the week couldn’t get any busier! Our girls basketball team participated in the Salt Lake Community College Basketball tournament, playing in twelve games and in the Big Mountain Jam Basketball tournament at the South Towne Expo Center. When it is all said and done, the girls will have played at least 22 games this week! I was able to have some fun at Seven Peaks when I was there for work. I was able to climb and slide […]

  • Big Budah’s blog: Taking the plunge for the first time in years

    There is not a whole lot to report other than it has been a great week working out at the gym and spending time with the family cooling off at the pool. It has been 5 to 6 years since I jumped off the high-dive of any pool. I stopped doing it because it was getting harder for me to climb the ladder, so it was a rush to be able to climb the ladder at Cottonwood Heights and jump […]

  • budah fi ball

    Big Budah’s blog: Take me out to the ball game

    Everything has been good for me this week, and there is nothing new to report other than I have amped up my workouts with more weight training–and it is a beast! I am staying busy with softball and basketball, but I managed to squeeze in a Bees game with my daughter and two nieces. Have a Budahful Day, and thank you for all of your ongoing support on my Losing for Life journey, which you can follow here.


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