Big Budah is the features reporter for Fox 13’s Good Day Utah and Live at Eleven. Prior to joining Fox 13, he worked in local radio and has appeared in a number of feature films.

He describes himself as a “fat guy with a mic and he’ll do almost anything to make someone smile.

Budah and his wife are the proud parents of five children. He has learned that if his family laughs at his antics, so will anyone else.

Off-camera, he is the same guy you see during his live shots on Fox 13. And if you can’t tell, he loves life as much as he loves his job.

Budah loves food and sports. He spends his spare time coaching his kid’s sports teams. Before Budah joined the FOX13 Good Day Utah team, viewers will remember him from his radio career in Salt Lake City. He has been on Clear Channel’s KISN 97 as well as Millcreek’s Power 107.9 and U92.

Prior to his radio career in Salt Lake, Budah was also doing radio in northern California.

Recent Articles
  • IMG_1119

    Big Budah’s blog: Feeling fine above Cloud 9

    This week wasn’t any different as far as workouts and health. I am working out twice a day, five days a week and only recovering on Sunday. My most crazy moment this week is directly associated to my weight loss. I would have never been able to get in to a small plane like I did this past week when I featured Randon Aviation flight lessons. The seat was still small, but comfortable. I was able to fly the plane […]

  • promo267980225

    Big Budah finds out Fear Factory SLC is really haunted

    Big Budah went to Fear Factory SLC to find out if the place is really haunted. After seeing what happened, we vote yes.

  • Budah Flight

    Big Budah flies a plane

    WEST JORDAN, Utah – Have you ever wanted to fly a plane? One flight school in West Jordan is offering flight-discovery lessons where you can get behind the controls on day one. “You can actually come out your first lesson, you can fly the airplane that day,” said Randon Russell, owner / flight instructor at Randon Aviation. Fox 13’s Big Budah went to see what it’s all about. (Scroll down to watch Budah’s flight over the Salt Lake Valley.) Russell […]

  • promo267733274

    The one piece of Utah Utes gear that is selling out after big win over Oregon

    SANDY, Utah – Fox 13’s Big Budah headed over to the Utah Red Zone store in Sandy Monday to find out how sales are going following the University of Utah’s big win over Oregon 62-20 Saturday. One of the top must-have items are replica helmets, large and mini, that the Utes wore when they won against Michigan 24-17 at their opener on Sept. 3 at Rice Eccles Stadium. Where would you wear the helmet? Watch the clip above to find out what Budah recommends.

  • budah blog september 17

    Big Budah’s blog: A wardrobe several sizes smaller

    I am pleased with my drive to hit the gym every day. For me, it really is an affirmation that it is a lifestyle change and not just a fad anymore. My report this week is about the changes I have had to make in my clothes. Here’s what I used to wear: 6X Shirts and a waist of 60. Today I am sporting a plump 3X and a 44 waistline. See the photos above for the comparison. Man I […]

  • budah flips the tire

    Big Budah’s blog: Working hard and welcoming football back for the season

    There wasn’t much new this week. I’ve been doing a lot of two-a-days at the gym, going early morning before work and immediately after work. It feels good, and I am getting stronger. My endurance has improved to the point where walking long distances is no longer a problem, and I think it is because I have been trying new exercises, like flipping a big truck tire–as you can see in the video above. On the Homefront, nothing really exciting […]

  • FullSizeRender

    Big Budah’s blog: Mourning the loss of loved ones

    This week I have probably worked out harder than I’ve ever done before due to the sudden passing of two friends, Rudy Aiono and Albert Vaituu. There has been a string of deaths recently in my circle of family and friends, and my heart goes out to the Aiono & Vaituu families for their loss. It has re-affirmed what we already know: That life is short and precious. May we all in our own way find peace and do something […]

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    ‘Cupcake game?’ Yeah right! Here’s what Utes will do to Michigan

  • promo265564058

    Fox Sports bus stops by for Utes opening day against Michigan

  • IMG_0424

    Big Budah’s blog: Busy and loving it

    This week has been busy as usual, and I have had to move my workouts to early morning before work in order to finish Honey-Do lists and coach football. It is what I signed up for, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. A big part of the little success I am experiencing is due in large part to the way I got started on this Losing For Life journey. Thanks to Doctors Cottom and Richards, BMI Utah, Salt Lake […]

  • FullSizeRender

    Big Budah’s blog: ‘Be careful what you wish for’

    “Be careful what you wish for.” That popular expression is exactly how I feel about this week and my workouts! I have been working out in the afternoons immediately following work, but then I realized that Vasa Fitness is open 24 hours, so I decided to start working out before work at 3 and 3:30 a.m. On one occasion I asked Team Fleks founder Philip Filimoeatu to work out with me, and that is when I discovered two new swear words: […]

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    Big Budah’s blog: Setting my sights on the Road to ‘300’

    This week I got after my workouts pretty hard for five days straight since joining Team Fleks. Big shout out to Team Fleks creator Philip Filimoeatu for letting me be a part of this movement, which should not be a surprise as they state on their Facebook page “We help others and look for ways to serve, we are kind. We support others in improving themselves and achieving their goals. We may not be related, or even the same color, […]


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