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Big Budah is the features reporter for Fox 13's Good Day Utah and Live at Eleven. Prior to joining Fox 13, he worked in local radio and has appeared in a number of feature films.

He describes himself as a "fat guy with a mic and he'll do almost anything to make someone smile.

Budah and his wife are the proud parents of five children. He has learned that if his family laughs at his antics, so will anyone else.

Off-camera, he is the same guy you see during his live shots on Fox 13. And if you can't tell, he loves life as much as he loves his job.

Budah loves food and sports. He spends his spare time coaching his kid's sports teams. Before Budah joined the FOX13 Good Day Utah team, viewers will remember him from his radio career in Salt Lake City. He has been on Clear Channel's KISN 97 as well as Millcreek's Power 107.9 and U92.

Prior to his radio career in Salt Lake, Budah was also doing radio in northern California.

Recent Articles
  • Budah FI

    Big Budah’s blog: Surgical relief and a weight loss milestone

    This week has been a great week for me thanks to Dr. Lynch and the staff at Riverton Hospital. While blasting one kidney stone they discovered another one that was embedded that could not be seen on the X-rays. After surgery and three days of pain and blood, now I am all good! I am also glad that I did not let my pain keep me from working out at Vasa and at home. I am happy to report that […]

  • Blooper: Big Budah gets nose wax on live TV

    SALT LAKE CITY – Big Budah stopped by the Utah College of Massage Therapy where they had a special treat waiting for him. Along with the massages, he also got a nose wax… on live TV. What a great sport.

  • Jordyn finally got out Christmas package months after we sent it.

    Big Budah’s blog: Sports, an Osmond and a belated holiday laugh from our missionary

    This week it has been hard to focus on anything else other than the procedure to get my kidney stone blasted so I can finally pass it. Softball season is in full swing for my daughter Jaelyn, and basketball camps and tournaments are about to kick into high gear for my other daughter, Kilani, so things are cray cray around here. My family got a big laugh this weekend from my daughter, Jordyn, who is in the Philippines serving a […]

  • Budah blog FI

    Big Budah’s blog: A week with three highlights

    I don’t have much to report on this week health wise. I’m doing OK, and I was able to get to the gym and work out at least four times this week in spite of my kidney stones. I had three highlights this week. One: Buying my wife a new car, a 2014 Subaru Outback from Mark Miller Subaru in Sandy. She needed it, and I can rest assured that she won’t break down on her way to work or […]

  • Big Budah’s blog: Fighting through the pain

    There is nothing really new to report this week. I am pretty much in the same situation as last week, fighting through pain but not letting it keep me down on the days that I have no pain. It is because a pain-free day is not guaranteed that I push harder on the days I have some relief. Turbo Jam has been a great resource for me to keep up with my cardio, check out the video above for a […]

  • BLOOPER: Wrestler takes out Big Budah at Cool School Payson but he gets revenge

  • image4

    Big Budah’s blog: An image from my past offers motivation for my future

    This week was much better than the last as far as the pain from my kidneys is concerned. I went from a 10 to a 5, and although the pain is still prevalent it is not the worst. Not letting the pain keep me on the sidelines, I went to the gym to work out and push through the pain. My energy level is still high, and I am noticing that I am sleeping better at night and feel better […]

  • Big Budah checks out Cool School of the Week Provo High

  • diamond ring cake dive

    Watch: Women dive into giant cake to find diamond ring

    They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend… so that means this cake must be their worst enemy. The colossal confection hid a 1.4 carat diamond ring and these ladies had a food fight to find it. Needless to say, things got messy. Big Budah almost became a casualty to the cause; he took a hit from flying frosting.

  • image2

    Big Budah’s blog: A bad week gets a bit better

    The week started off badly for me. I spent two days home from work with kidney stones, and the pain was kicking my tail. Fortunately, I was able to salvage the week and end on a positive note with the Jordan High School girls basketball team winning their last game. I had another more personal win, as I was able to work out at home in spite of the pain from the kidney stones.  I am scheduled to remove the […]

  • image2

    Big Budah’s blog: Working out once more

    There were no complications this week, but I was very excited to get in a full week at Vasa Fitness. I have even started eating better breakfasts, even though I can’t eat much to begin with. I was able to run a mile every day and get in weight training as well. I was happy to have some fun with the family at a Utah Jazz game, where I did notice something new about myself. In the past when I […]

  • Big Budah hangs out with Cool School of the Week Murray High


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