Big Budah is the features reporter for Fox 13’s Good Day Utah and Live at Eleven. Prior to joining Fox 13, he worked in local radio and has appeared in a number of feature films.

He describes himself as a “fat guy with a mic and he’ll do almost anything to make someone smile.

Budah and his wife are the proud parents of five children. He has learned that if his family laughs at his antics, so will anyone else.

Off-camera, he is the same guy you see during his live shots on Fox 13. And if you can’t tell, he loves life as much as he loves his job.

Budah loves food and sports. He spends his spare time coaching his kid’s sports teams. Before Budah joined the FOX13 Good Day Utah team, viewers will remember him from his radio career in Salt Lake City. He has been on Clear Channel’s KISN 97 as well as Millcreek’s Power 107.9 and U92.

Prior to his radio career in Salt Lake, Budah was also doing radio in northern California.

Recent Articles
  • IMG_1221

    Big Budah’s blog: Donating blood and suffering a slight concussion

    The week started out great, and I felt like I was recovering well from my injuries. I even donated some blood to the Red Cross on World Donor Day! I was all set to go back to the gym, until one night I went to help my nephews, who are starting a new home repair company called Aloha Flips Inc. (AFI Inc), which means fire in Tongan and Samoan, cute. Their first project was to replace the floor of a […]

  • budah birthdays

    Big Budah’s blog: A week of birthday celebrations

    Mentally this week has been taxing because I haven’t been able to go to Vasa due to a left shoulder and wrist strain from improper technique during squats. I am happy to have been able to keep myself positive and motivated while waiting to heal up. I have had some good reminders of how blessed I am lately. Instead of a birthday, it felt like a birth week, starting with the good folks at Smith’s who surprised me during work […]

  • IMG_1078

    Big Budah’s blog: From graduation season to wedding prep

    Holy Hannah! What a busy, busy week filled with great family achievements. Let’s start with my workouts. I am continuing to see progress in my overall health. I feel healthy both physically and mentally, and I attribute that to continuing to exercise consistently and staying active. Memorial Day this year was the first time in a long time I did not work or BBQ for the family, which was good and bad. I had some good vibes this week with […]

  • IMG_0807

    Big Budah’s blog: Youth conference and playing firefighter

    What a great and rewarding week it has been! Things began with our church’s youth conference, which really brought everyone closer together. I was able to have fun at work too. I got to play firefighter, and check out a dog aqua massage in Park City. I also had a baby goat walk and poop all over me, so, there were some downsides too. As far as my weight loss journey, I stepped back a week in the Layne Norton’s […]

  • Playing softball for a good cause.

    Big Budah’s blog: Exercise setbacks, a charity softball game and more

    It’s been a long week for me, especially since I haven’t been able to work out due to some injuries. I suffered a contusion on my right shin, and I sprained my left wrist–so I’ve been out for about a week and I’m anxious to get back to working out and continuing my health and physical fitness journey. I have had some memorable events this week, like returning the 2002 Gold Medal for the 1500 Speed Skating event back to […]

  • IMG_0443

    Big Budah’s blog: A Gold Medal week ahead of Mother’s Day

    I had a very busy but fun week with the start of the work week involving some time in St. George. I got to get out on the water in Sand Hollow, where I got some sun and a little massage for part of our Stay-cation segments. I was also hanging out with Derek Parra’s Gold Medal after our bet last week, and by the looks of the pictures, it had more fun than I did. In terms of my […]

  • promo286641396

    Big Budah visits Cool School of the Week – Pine View High School

    Big Budah went to hang out at Cool School of the Week, Pine View High School in St. George.

  • vx8lr-li9tpdnkgn4xmdoxojbro-i4w8

    Big Budah’s blog: Competing against an Olympian

    I had a long week with lots of stumbling blocks that I had to overcome. I had to make sure to take care of business at work as well as at home with the kids, and making sure the wifey is comfortable while recovering from a total knee replacement. I have a better appreciation of what the women in our lives do on the daily with no complaints! In terms of health and fitness, I restarted the Layne Norton Power […]

  • IMG_0183

    Big Budah’s blog: A rough week

    It’s been a rough week for me. I have had several migraines this week and cannot pinpoint the cause. I used to get them frequently, about 4 to 5 times each week. I still have facial hair, I just styled it into a goatee because my wife is still not walking without crutches. (I told her I’d shave when she can walk unassisted again.) I have toned down my work outs at the gym to rest my body. The plan […]

  • ut_hkthath4eww8x4xmdoxojbro-i4w84

    Big Budah’s blog: Completing a 90-day weight program

    There were a lot of highlights for me this week. My daughter Jaelyn turned 18 and made her decision to be a Utah State University Aggie after she graduates from Jordan High School. My wife hates when I grow facial hair, so to help motivate her to do her physical therapy and walk sooner I told her I would grow my facial hair out until she can walk without crutches. She claims I’m lazy…maybe. One of my favorite things is […]

  • Budah Blog FI

    Big Budah’s blog: A magical proposal and time with family

    The past week has been a busy but good one, with a trip to California and Disneyland. It was nice to get away from the rat race not have to worry about deadlines or interviews and just really focus on spending quality time with my family. We were able to do something that we love to do: head to the pool to soak up some rays and chill out near the water. With the big family it’s always tough to […]

  • budah in cali

    Big Budah’s blog: An exciting adventure in California

    This week gave me some new adventures and pushed my energy to the limit! I had a work assignment in California to check out Odysseo by Cavalia. It is a, in the simplest explanation, a cirque acrobatic show with horses. After seeing the show, I can tell you it is not a show but a feeling, emotion and experience. The show will be coming to us soon. I left for Los Angeles and worked late two nights in a row, ending […]


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