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  • Changes coming to Utah Lake Summit

    UTAH LAKE, Utah — From toxic algal blooms to invasive fish, Utah Lake is no stranger to problems. But, for the first time, all the experts got together for the first ever Utah Lake Summit. This summit gathered everyone who works on, uses and researches Utah Lake. Hundreds filled a ballroom of the Provo Convention Center – all representing an agency or group that takes an interest in the future of Utah’s largest freshwater lake. “I don’t think there’s any […]

  • Cottonwood Heights residents fill sandbags as creek levels rise

    SALT LAKE CITY – Hot temperatures are driving a big rise in water levels for rivers and creeks in Utah. In Cottonwood Heights, people are already lining their properties with sandbags in the fight to stay dry. “Five years ago I had water lapping up, I was four sandbags high and it came up to the first row of sandbags,” said homeowner Perry Bolyard. Perry Bolyard knows what this rushing water is capable of. “I’ve known people that have tried […]

  • DNR helps bison herd recover after last year’s wildfire at Antelope Island

    GREAT SALT LAKE — It’s been a rough year for animals on Antelope Island, and though the Department of Natural Resources usually lets nature take its course, they say this year they had to get involved. After major habitat loss from last summer’s wildfire and then a long winter, the DNR has had to bring hay onto the island to feed the animals. And now that the island has 200 new bison calves, they are feeling confident the herd is […]

  • Study indicates Utahns aren’t as healthy as they think they are

    SALT LAKE CITY – Get Healthy Utah and Envision Utah have collaborated on the first ever Utah Health Values study, and they say their findings are surprising. “Utahns guessed that about 45 percent of Utahns are overweight or obese, when in fact 60 percent are overweight or obese,” said Greg Bell, chair with Get Healthy Utah and President & CEO of Utah Hospital Association. The study revealed: • 30% of survey participants were obese, but only 11% said they had […]

  • Firefighters use simulation technology to prepare for wildfire season in Utah

    SALT LAKE CITY – As wildfire season inches closer, firefighters are urging residents to have an action plan in place. Saturday at the community wildfire preparedness meeting in Salt Lake City, new simulation technology showed residents how a wildfire could affect their very own neighborhood. Dan Cather, Provo Fire Captain and a simulation specialist representing Utah Fire and Rescue Academy, described the tools at their disposal. “We take the known fuels, the typography, the elevation and we’re able to simulate […]

  • Thousands race through downtown during Salt Lake City Marathon

    SALT LAKE CITY – Running, cheering, and even some proposing, went on at the Salt Lake City Marathon Saturday. The annual marathon has been growing every year, and this year about 7,000 athletes and 15,000 others came to enjoy the event. “If you look around, I mean, it’s an amazing event, there’s so many people out here, you’ve got runners, bikers, skaters, people who aren’t participating but just want to be a part of the environment, you know, you can […]

  • Lehi City gives explanation after dog hit, killed by police cruiser that didn’t stay at scene

    LEHI, Utah – A dog was hit by a Lehi Police cruiser Monday afternoon, and witnesses say the driver didn’t stop. Now as criticism pours in from the public, Lehi Police say they have an explanation. They addressed the issue on the Lehi City Facebook page, saying it wasn’t an officer driving the vehicle. Rather, it was a mechanic taking the cruiser out to put some miles on it as part of a service. Cameron Boyle, assistant to the Lehi […]

  • Hogle Zoo grateful for support from community after death of Rizzo the polar bear

    SALT LAKE CITY – Hogle Zoo said goodbye to Rizzo the polar bear last weekend, and now there is an outpouring of love and support from the community. The zoo says it’s the largest they’ve seen thus far. “You had to invest a lot of time to get that relationship with Rizzo where she was willing to work with you, so, you know, finding out that we weren’t looking at a lot of time left, that was really surprising and […]

  • Wet weather contributes to mulitple crashes in northern Utah; more snow and rain expected

    SALT LAKE VALLEY – Spring showers and wet roads kept Utah Highway Patrol troopers busy Saturday morning, with dozens of accidents happening in the Salt Lake Valley. “As of about 11 o-clock we had 30 different crashes across the valley here, that’s a lot of crashes for a Saturday morning,” said John Gleason, a Utah Department Of Transportation spokesman. Many people sat in what might have seemed like rush-hour traffic as they waited for dozens of crashes to be cleaned […]

  • Mutual respect, helping the poor among messages from LDS General Conference

    SALT LAKE CITY – Thousands of people from all over the world gathered Saturday for the 187th General Conference of the LDS Church to hear messages on faith, respect and helping those living in poverty. For some, stepping inside the conference center was a once in a lifetime experience. “This is my first time and just seeing the prophet himself, I was in tears,” said Sherri Faalafua, one of those who attended. Thomas S. Monson, President and Prophet of the […]

  • Envision Utah examines impact of rail transit on development

    SALT LAKE CITY – A new study from Envision Utah shows more people want to live and work near UTA TRAX and FrontRunner trains. The data shows that since 2010, a lot of development has popped up near TRAX and FrontRunner stations because of developers meeting market demand. Envision Utah says almost half of the apartments and town homes built along the Wasatch Front since 2010 have been built within a half-mile of those transit stations. And that’s just housing. […]

  • Mayor McAdams still considering nine potential sites for new homeless resource center

    SALT LAKE CITY – Mayor Ben McAdams has a tough decision ahead as he chooses where to put Salt Lake County’s new homeless resource center. He was expected to decide and make the announcement Thursday, but instead he got an earful from committee members just hours before the deadline. “Community feedback that we’ve heard is concerns about increased crime, too close to schools, again too close to the liquor store, and the gun store,” said Salt Lake County Mayor Ben […]