How to help: Northern California wildfire relief

Tamara Vaifanua was born in southern California and raised in Taylorsville, Utah. She graduated from Southern Utah University in Communications and Political Science.Before joining Fox 13, Vaifanua worked at ABC Las Vegas affiliate KTNV as a reporter.

Before that, she launched the first news operation in St. George, Utah and served as anchor, reporter, producer and Managing Editor. She also served as the station’s political reporter. During her tenure, she covered the 2005 flooding of southern Utah, and the capture of polygamous sect leader Warren Jeffs. She also hosted and produced several documentaries, one featuring the homecoming of the 222nd Field Artillery Battallion from Afghanistan, another highlighting the humanitarian efforts of a local group who traveled to a Mexican orphanage.

Vaifanua began her career in broadcasting in Laughlin, Nevada as an anchor/reporter. She reported on the 2001 Laughlin River Run brawl that left numerous outlaw biker gang members dead. The Taylorsville native is excited to be back in her hometown near her family. She enjoys spending time with her family, and traveling to exotic places like her homeland of Samoa.

When she’s not chasing down news stories, you can find her logging miles for marathon #2. She ran her first marathon at the 2009 St. George Marathon. She and her husband have one daughter.

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  • Mexico City earthquake hits close to home for Utah woman

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – For Utahns who have family living in Central Mexico, it’s been difficult not knowing if loved ones survived last week’s powerful earthquake. Claudia Vazquez spent hours waiting to hear from her brother in Mexico City after a devastating earthquake hit her home country. The 7.1 magnitude earthquake killed at least 250 people. Crews are still digging through rubble of collapsed buildings looking for victims. “It’s just devastating to see all that kind of stuff,” said […]

  • Trump’s new travel ban concerns Utahns

    WEST JORDAN, Utah – A local immigration attorney broke down President Trump’s latest travel restrictions and said it could be a lot tougher to fight in court than the prior ban. On Sunday, the White House issued a revised and extended travel ban citing security concerns. Beginning in October, travel restrictions for some citizens in Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Chad and North Korea will go into effect. North Korea and Venezuela are new additions to the list. The move […]

  • Bluffdale Elementary raises thousands of dollars for school damaged by Hurricane Harvey

    BLUFFDALE – Bluffdale Elementary students raised nearly $3,000 for Hurricane Harvey victims. Floodwaters have impacted thousands of people in Houston, Texas. The images touched students at Bluffdale Elementary. They decided to help Moore Elementary after learning the school was damaged and lost everything, including computers and 20,000 library books “I was like, wow! If that happened to me I would be devastated,” said Alexa Mazuran, a 4th grader at Bluffdale Elementary. Mazuran and her friend Adison Pankey kicked off a […]

  • Herriman residents raise concerns about proposed wedding reception center

    HERRIMAN – Some Herriman residents are fighting to keep a wedding reception center out of their neighborhood. Five acres on the corner of Rose Canyon Road, overlooking the valley, could soon be transformed into a wedding reception center called Vintage Views. Utah Native Todd Sinks owned and operated 20 facilities in Texas and Oklahoma. “We’ve done over 10,000 weddings. We’ve been in the business for about eight years and we’ve built some beautiful venues,” he said. Sinks is facing some […]

  • Snowbird spotlights one-star rating in latest ad campaign

    SNOWBIRD – Snowbird Ski Resort is turning a negative review into a positive by featuring the bad buzz in a new ad campaign. For as many good reviews the resort receives, Director of Marketing Dave Amirault says there are plenty of bad ones. “We’ve taken reviews from Trip Advisor, Facebook, comment cards that guests leave at the resort,” he said. Snowbird launched their new One-Star campaign featuring negative reviews from visitors. Their latest ad highlights a negative review from Greg […]

  • Utah pediatricians applaud new tattoo and body piercing recommendations for teens, young adults

    WEST JORDAN, Utah – Utah pediatricians are commending new guidelines on how adults should talk to young adults about tattoos and body piercings. The American Academy of Pediatrics released the first-ever recommendations.  Pediatricians say the recommendations are long overdue considering the number of young adults who want to get a tattoo or body piercing is increasing. “I`ve been thinking about it for a long time,” Orem resident Kaimana Clark said. Clark is getting his first tattoo at Frost City Tattoo […]

  • Advocates fight to bring back health, p.e. and art requirements for middle-school students

    Salt Lake City – Complaints have been pouring in since the Utah State Board of Education voted in August to make health, physical education and art classes optional for middle-school students. Now, the board will take another look at the issue on Wednesday, September 20th at the Utah State Board of Education offices. People who are against the new policy felt like they didn’t have a chance to weigh in.  So they have started a petition to reverse it.  They argue […]

  • SNAP challenge begins–Utahns pledge to live on food stamp budget of $4.20 a day

    SALT LAKE CITY – For the next week, some Utahns have pledged to spend a week on a food stamp budget. They daily allowance is $4.20. The idea behind the SNAP Challenge is to highlight the realities low-income people face trying to put food on their table. Making your way down the grocery aisles knowing you have about $30 to spend on a week’s-worth of food is a reality for 211,000 Utahns who rely on SNAP benefits (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance […]

  • New state-wide campaign focuses on protecting kids from online dangers

    CAPITOL HILL – Children have a right to be protected from sexually explicit material – that’s the idea behind the Safe Internet for Utah Kids Campaign launched Thursday at the Utah State Capitol. Researchers say the average age children are exposed to pornography is around 11 years old – too young for their developing brains to handle, leading them down the road to addiction. “I do feel such a responsibility because this world that we live in, there’s just so […]

  • Long-term campers creating problems in Provo Canyon

    PROVO – Long-term campers in Provo Canyon are overstaying their welcome and trashing the campgrounds. That’s why the Utah County Sheriff’s Office is proposing camping restrictions on county property. Lt. Yvette Rice showed Fox 13 one of many abandoned transient camps in Provo Canyon just steps away from a walking trail. “You can smell mildew,” Rice said. “You can smell urine.” Rice says conditions have a negative environmental impact. “We look around for needles, paraphernalia, anything specifically that can hurt […]

  • Salt Lake City leaders look to legalize the building of ‘mother-in-law apartments’

    SALT LAKE CITY – In an effort to provide more affordable housing, the Salt Lake City Council is considering changing rules to allow more accessory dwelling units or ADUs. ADUs are sometimes called “mother-in-law apartments” or “granny apartments.” Some are part of the main house, some are detached and have their own kitchen, bedroom and bathroom space. “It’s been around since cities have been around. It’s really only been the last 50 years that it’s become illegal to do it […]

  • Utah’s annual healing field open to the public to honor 9/11 victims

    SANDY, Utah – Utahns can honor the victims of September 11th by walking through the healing field in Sandy at the City Hall offices. As the nation marks the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Utahns can remember and reflect at the Sandy Healing field. “I was just turning 50 years old and I started listening to the radio. You just kinda go into shock a little bit,” said Lane Clark, a Utah resident. Flags numbering 3,326 cover the […]