Tamara Vaifanua was born in southern California and raised in Taylorsville, Utah. She graduated from Southern Utah University in Communications and Political Science.Before joining Fox 13, Vaifanua worked at ABC Las Vegas affiliate KTNV as a reporter.

Before that, she launched the first news operation in St. George, Utah and served as anchor, reporter, producer and Managing Editor. She also served as the station’s political reporter. During her tenure, she covered the 2005 flooding of southern Utah, and the capture of polygamous sect leader Warren Jeffs. She also hosted and produced several documentaries, one featuring the homecoming of the 222nd Field Artillery Battallion from Afghanistan, another highlighting the humanitarian efforts of a local group who traveled to a Mexican orphanage.

Vaifanua began her career in broadcasting in Laughlin, Nevada as an anchor/reporter. She reported on the 2001 Laughlin River Run brawl that left numerous outlaw biker gang members dead. The Taylorsville native is excited to be back in her hometown near her family. She enjoys spending time with her family, and traveling to exotic places like her homeland of Samoa.

When she’s not chasing down news stories, you can find her logging miles for marathon #2. She ran her first marathon at the 2009 St. George Marathon. She and her husband have one daughter.

Recent Articles
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    Lifeguards rescue boy from pool during Steel Days event in American Fork

    AMERICAN FORK, Utah – It was a close call for a 3-year-old boy who was swimming at a public pool in American Fork. Two teenage lifeguards came to his rescue and talked to FOX 13 about how their training kicked in to save his life. It was hard to find an empty spot at the American Fork Swimming Pool Wednesday night. They were hosting a free swimming event as part of the town’s Steel Days, so hundreds of parents and […]

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    New study lists domestic violence among top causes of homelessness in Utah

    SALT LAKE CITY – Mental health and substance abuse are some of the causes we hear a lot about when it comes to homelessness, but a new study adds domestic violence as one of the top reasons. The Utah Foundation surveys voters to find out what priorities matter most to them. No. 9 on their list is homelessness and poverty, particularly some of the resources available to vulnerable populations. There are an estimated 13,460 Utahns who are homeless on any […]

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    Animal shelters see uptick in lost animals after Fourth of July

    SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah – The day after the Fourth of July is a busy one for animal control officers in Utah. They see a spike in lost animals due to fireworks. Fireworks can spook animals and their first instinct is to take off. Dozens of lost pets ended up at the Salt Lake County Animal Services overnight. “It’s been consistently busy all weekend. We had about 30 dogs come in and 30 cats come in,” said Callista Pearson, Salt […]

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    Utah artist named ‘Great Immigrant’ by Carnegie Corporation of New York

    SALT LAKE CITY – Every year, the Carnegie Corporation of New York honors immigrants who are making a difference in their community. A local artist, Selu Alofipo, whose work was recently recognized by President Obama, made the list this year. On the Fourth of July, Alofipo’s family stakes their spot at Sugar House Park. It’s a day of fun and games and grilling. Memories that add to the precious traditions he’s created in his adopted country of America. “This never […]

  • 3 year old boy found

    3-year-old boy reunited with grandparents after wandering Millcreek streets

    MILLCREEK, Utah – A 3-year-old boy was reunited with his family after he was found in the middle of a street in Millcreek. The boy was spending the night at his grandparent’s house. When they woke up around 6:30 a.m. to check on him, he was gone. “Of course they were in a panic,” said Detective Ken Hansen with the Unified Police Department. The grandparents had no idea the boy took off in the middle of the night. Police got […]

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    Utah snowboarder heads home after recovering for 4 months in hospital

    PARK CITY, Utah — He was a former BYU mascot, an avid snowboarder, and had dreams of becoming a lawyer when everything came to a sudden halt four months ago. Casey Fehlberg, 30, always pushed the limit, according to his family. The snowboarder’s daring jump with a friend at Park City Mountain Resort in February nearly ended his life. “They had taken these jumps a couple of times, he could go higher, further, do more than anyone else,” said Rondo […]

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    Utah’s Polynesian community concerned about new Disney character in ‘Moana’

    SALT LAKE CITY – Anticipation is building for Disney’s newest princess movie, which features the studio’s first Polynesian princess, Moana. But not everyone is happy with how one of the characters is being depicted. Critics are taking issue with the character, Maui, a Demigod who is Moana’s sidekick. Some say his large body shape reinforces a negative stereotype about Polynesian men. In the trailer for the Disney film, “Moana”, audiences are introduced to Maui. He’s a legendary Demigod in all the […]

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    National, state fire managers join forces to combat illegal drone use near wildfires

    SALT LAKE CITY – A team of national and state fire managers is now in Utah to address the growing use of drones near wildfires. Shayne Ward is with the Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands. He is part of a specialized team mobilized to Utah to educate people about the dangers of illegal drone use near wildfires. Utah is on their radar this wildfire season after air resources were suspended three times while firefighters battled the Saddle Fire […]

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    Mobile farmer’s market rolls into west side Salt Lake City neighborhoods

    SALT LAKE CITY – Some neighborhoods on the west side of Salt Lake City are what the U.S.D.A. calls ‘food deserts’. Many people don’t own cars and with fewer grocery stores and more fast food chains, they don’t eat as healthy. But city leaders are reversing that trend with a brand new, mobile farmer’s market. The Urban Greens Market is now open for business. Salt Lake City leaders unveiled the new mobile farmer’s market at the Sorenson Unity Center – […]

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    Cancer survivor climbs Mount Kilimanjaro to spread message of hope, survival

    A cancer survivor from Utah trekked 37 miles up and down steep terrain to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Molly Froerer said she ascended 19,321 feet above sea level to spread a message of hope and survival. “When I just went in for a routine screening and said, ‘I’ve been noticing this lump,’ and they said, ‘We should probably get that checked out,'” she said. Froerer said that visit was the start of it all. “So that was on […]

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    Fire managers urge caution as firework stands open for business in Utah

    SALT LAKE CITY – You’ve seen them around town – big white tents popping up on corners and parking lots. It is now officially legal to buy fireworks in Utah, so it’s important to know where and when to set them off. The sights and sounds of fireworks this time of year are a given. But state fire managers urge people to use extreme caution. “The message we want to get out to everybody is to have a safe and […]

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    Utahns react to Supreme Court deadlock on immigration

    SALT LAKE CITY – With President Obama’s immigration plans on hold, thousands of immigrants living in Utah are in limbo. “She’s a little frustrated,” says a translator for Blanca, who is a woman from Mexico living in the U.S. without legal permission. Blanca is disappointed with the Supreme Court’s deadlock decision on immigration reform. The wife and mother of two came to Utah from Mexico eight years ago. “They come here because of the American dream, cause she wants her […]


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