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Fox 13 reporter Ashton Goodell always knew she would come home to Utah, but it's been quite an adventure getting here. She grew up in Ogden. From a young age she watched Fox 13 news and loved it! It seemed like the reporters had so much fun on air, which inspired Ashton to go into broadcasting. She soon found out they were making it look easy.

She started her career in radio, as a general assignment reporter at KBIA-FM, a NPR station in mid-Missouri. She quickly transitioned into TV and realized her energy and passion for visual storytelling. Ashton called KOMU-TV, the NBC affiliate in Columbia, MO, home for several years. She says she spent so much time at the station if there had been a shower and a bed it literally would have been her home. From there she headed north to Alaska to work at KTUU-TV, the NBC affiliate in Anchorage, AK.

Ashton reported on Governor Sarah Palin's resignation, polar bears and climate change, and Alaska native culture. Her most memorable experiences as a reporter were seeing the Northern Lights at Chena Hotsprings, paragliding from the tippy top of Mt. Alyeska, walking along side the McNeil River brown bears (check out her Facebook pictures to see how close they got). She developed a court/crime beat and a popular feature franchise while she was in Alaska.

Ashton has a Broadcast Journalism degree from the Missouri School of Journalism. She also earned a degree in Political Science and Chemistry from the University of Missouri.

Ashton won an Edward R. Murrow Award for her franchise Day Trippin'. She has received multiple Missouri and Alaska Broadcaster Association awards and Alaska Press Club Awards.
When not obsessing about news stories, she enjoys photography, adventure sports, making home videos, listening to country music, taking long drives and spending time with her family who lives in Utah.
Ashton is always looking for the next great story, tell her yours or pass along story ideas to ashton.goodell@fox13now.com. Just you watch the best!

Recent Articles
  • Cold weather brings poor air quality, experts say

    SALT LAKE CITY — It’s getting cold at night, and as we reach for the thermostat and throw wood on the fire, air quality experts say we should consider how we’re heating our homes. Fire places and wood burning stoves are a major polluter and nearly every home has one or both. “Wood burning is a disproportionate part of our winter time inversion, wood smoke is probably the worst kind of pollution in the valley,” said Breathe Utah Executive Director […]

  • Wildlife officials, hunters out and about for Utah’s deer hunt

    RICH COUNTY, Utah  — Hunters packed up their RVs and put on their orange to head out for the first weekend of the rifle deer hunt. About 95,000 deer permits went out this year, but only about a quarter of those will be harvested. Officials with the Division of Wildlife Resources said they have been out on patrol this weekend. “Today we are just checking for compliance with the deer hunters,” said Sgt. Dave Beveridge. “Just seeing how people are […]

  • Protesters call for change in wake of fatal shooting of Darrien Hunt

    SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah — A Saratoga Springs family is calling for answers more than a month after their son was shot and killed by police, and protesters lined the street Saturday near the police department with signs demanding justice for Darrien Hunt. “We will continue to protest until someone asked for the resignation of those officers and that chief of police, and that district attorney,” said protester Natalie Mayfield. “Because it’s been a biased investigation from the beginning.” On September […]

  • Funds raised for billboards, a private investigator in search for missing woman

    MURRAY — For weeks volunteers have canvassed neighborhoods with fliers and showered social media feeds, and now those searching for a Kayelyn Louder are taking a new approach. The group of friends behind the search have put up billboards on I-15 and are donating money to hire a private investigator. “We are trying to raise funds, because obviously people are taking time out of their lives [to volunteer],” said Joe Cooling, who is a friend of Louder. Police officials said […]

  • N. Ogden city officials report high turnover in police force

    NORTH OGDEN, Utah — North Ogden City officials say it’s seeing a huge turn over in government jobs, especially on its police force. In just two years the department has lost nearly half its staff to other positions in neighboring cities. The reason, the mayor says, is money. “So I think the thing that is remaining for us is to really roll up our sleeves and look closely at how we can pay those employees more and closer to a wage […]

  • N. Salt Lake home burglarized, owners turn to social media for help

    NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah — A couple in North Salt Lake has turned to social media for leads after their home was burglarized last month. When Lindsey Tirmanstein came home on Sept. 23 she saw someone had ransacked her house. The vandals made off with $3,800 in electronics and jewelry, but more importantly, she says, they stole her sense of security. “I should feel safe in my home,” she said “And feel my children are safe. And that put all […]

  • Candidates for county sheriff discuss specialized canine training for cops

    SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah — All Unified Police Department officers will soon be trained on how to deal with dogs while in the field. It’s become a hotly debated issue in Utah and a talking point in the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s race. Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder wants to make the training mandatory. “We are committed to, as we move forward, we treat animals as they should be as members of individuals families,” Winder said. Winder said the […]

  • Water main break sends estimated 2.5 million gallons into homes, a nearby school

    SALT LAKE CITY – Water ran like a river through streets of Salt Lake City overnight after a water main broke Friday night near Foothill Drive at 1700 South and sent an estimated 2.5 million gallons of water flowing downhill. The rushing water impacted several homes and caused substantial damage to Montessori Community School and some nearby businesses. “It was moving really quick,” said resident Ben Ham “When I got here it was dry, and then I saw a little […]

  • Colleagues create video get well card to support woman injured by apparent drunken driver

    WEST JORDAN, Utah — A doctor and community leader continues to fight for her life after being run over by an apparent drunken driver last week. The staff at Jordan Valley Medical Center came up with a very memorable get well card for her on Wednesday, and the card was in the form of a video. “After we had heard that Anne had been in an accident, there were many people in the hospital, the staff, who wanted to reach […]

  • Conservative groups vow to continue fight on same-sex marriage ruling

    SALT LAKE CITY — Conservative groups that backed Utah’s Amendment 3 in 2004, vow to continue the fight to keep marriage only between a man and a woman. For months both sides speculated on how the U.S. Supreme Court might decide the gay marriage issue, but very few expected the court to simply take a pass. “It’s a surprise, the Supreme Court didn’t do its job,” said Gayle Ruzika president of the Eagle Forum. “Marriage is a state’s right issue. […]

  • LDS Church addresses questions about age of leadership, a shifting cultural landscape

    SALT LAKE CITY — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wrapped up its semi-annual General Conference Sunday with messages of faith and reminders of where Mormons stand in shifting cultural and social landscapes. Church leaders talked about supporting their prophet, even if the views are unpopular. The speakers appeared to be responding to remarks that leaders are too old and out of touch when it comes to issues of the day. “There is something to be said about […]

  • LDS Church leaders now delivering General Conference remarks in their native language

    SALT LAKE CITY — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints continues to grow by about a million new members every three years. It’s now more than 15 million strong, but the majority of members live outside the United States and don’t speak English. Saturday, for the first time, speakers at the LDS Church’s biannual General Conference spoke in their native languages. “The Church is no longer an American Church; it’s a global church, and so we want to […]


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