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Fox 13 reporter Ashton Goodell always knew she would come home to Utah, but it's been quite an adventure getting here. She grew up in Ogden. From a young age she watched Fox 13 news and loved it! It seemed like the reporters had so much fun on air, which inspired Ashton to go into broadcasting. She soon found out they were making it look easy.

She started her career in radio, as a general assignment reporter at KBIA-FM, a NPR station in mid-Missouri. She quickly transitioned into TV and realized her energy and passion for visual storytelling. Ashton called KOMU-TV, the NBC affiliate in Columbia, MO, home for several years. She says she spent so much time at the station if there had been a shower and a bed it literally would have been her home. From there she headed north to Alaska to work at KTUU-TV, the NBC affiliate in Anchorage, AK.

Ashton reported on Governor Sarah Palin's resignation, polar bears and climate change, and Alaska native culture. Her most memorable experiences as a reporter were seeing the Northern Lights at Chena Hotsprings, paragliding from the tippy top of Mt. Alyeska, walking along side the McNeil River brown bears (check out her Facebook pictures to see how close they got). She developed a court/crime beat and a popular feature franchise while she was in Alaska.

Ashton has a Broadcast Journalism degree from the Missouri School of Journalism. She also earned a degree in Political Science and Chemistry from the University of Missouri.

Ashton won an Edward R. Murrow Award for her franchise Day Trippin'. She has received multiple Missouri and Alaska Broadcaster Association awards and Alaska Press Club Awards.
When not obsessing about news stories, she enjoys photography, adventure sports, making home videos, listening to country music, taking long drives and spending time with her family who lives in Utah.
Ashton is always looking for the next great story, tell her yours or pass along story ideas to ashton.goodell@fox13now.com. Just you watch the best!

Recent Articles
  • Saratoga Springs shooting scene panda express

    Police confirm officers shot, killed 22-year-old man wielding sword in Saratoga Springs

    UPDATE: Police have identified the man who was shot and killed, and a friend of the deceased spoke out about the incident. Click here for the update. Previous story continues below: SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah – Authorities said the suspect police shot and killed in Saratoga Springs was a 22-year-old man wielding a sword. Officials have not released the suspect’s identity or any other information about him at this time. Wednesday just before 10 a.m. police shot and killed a suspect they […]

  • Flooding hits Salt Lake Valley cities causing property damage

    MURRAY — Homeowners say they’ve dealt with the summer rain more than once this year, but this was by far the worst. Flood water damaged houses from Sugar House to Cottonwood Heights. Homeowners say rain water ran like a river down side streets in Murray. “It was just pure water,” said Millcreek Resident Lacey Jensen “Totally damaged all the garden.” The storm drain in front of Violet McInerney’s house backed up and flooded her car. “You can see it’s on […]

  • World of Speed time trials begins at Salt Flats

    TOOELE COUNTY, Utah — Amateur racers are trying to break speed records at the World of Speed time trials on the Salt Flats this week. The event attracts all types of cars and racers, some top out around 90 miles per hour, while the best are capable of well over 400 mph. The drivers are in different classes and have different ideas about the best mechanics for speed –but all describe the feeling of racing on the salt in a […]

  • Congregation dedicates new place of worship built after fire ravaged old church

    CLEARFIELD, Utah — The Clearfield Community Church dedicated its new building Sunday after the old one burned down. Insurance covered most of the rebuild, but the congregation wanted to do its part by donating and raising money to get the building back. In the spring of 2013, an old computer monitor sparked the fire that devastated the building and the hearts of the people who worshiped there. “To me it was just a building, the church family was still here, […]

  • Symphony concert features video game scores

    SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Symphony performed well-known themes from video games as part of a concert called “Video Games Live” Saturday at Abravanel Hall. Basically, it combines two very different forms of entertainment to tell a dramatic story on stage. Since the ’80s, music in video games has evolved from the bleeps and bloops to symphonic sounds. “It adds the mood, it adds tension. It adds what they want the player to feel while they play the game,” […]

  • Comic Con a boost for those in the costume business

    SALT LAKE CITY — Utahns are stitching together their Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, and the Incredible Hulk costumes in preparation for the start of Comic Con this weekend. Costume stores are nearly cleared out of Jedi costumes, outrageous hats and princess dresses, which is why costume shops like Mask Costumes in Murray see twice the business the week of the convention. “With Comic Con you know you are going to be in an entire world of geekdom, and you have to […]

  • Homeowners in a northern utah town want property certified as wildlife habitat

    NIBLEY, Utah — A Utah man is leading a movement to get the small town of Nibley certified as a wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. His proposal essentially means that a certain number of homeowners would share their yards with animals and insects. Ron Hellstern, the man behind the effort, said people often try to separate themselves from nature. “My dad used to come here from Illinois and we would go up the canyon and he says, ‘Why? […]

  • Mother and children hide from bear inside RV on campout

    PRICE, Utah — A woman and her children had a close encounter with a black bear this Labor Day weekend, while camping at near the Book Cliffs, a popular campsite south of Price. The family barricaded themselves inside a camper as the six-foot bear tried to claw its way inside. Sami Graham of Heber City was putting her kids to bed in the camper, when she heard a light tap on the door. “It kind of sounded like a human […]

  • Thousands gather in Utah for sheepdog championships

    SOLDIER HOLLOW, Utah — Some of the world’s finest athletes took to the field at Soldier Hollow Sunday. The course was made for Olympic cross-country skiers, but this weekend the participants were border collies trained to herd sheep, and they were competing in the Soldier Hallow Classic Sheep Dog Championship in Midway. The event director, Mark Petersen, explained how it works. “You have a handler and the dog, they go out at the base of this hill,” he started. Dog […]

  • Drought helps invasive species thrive in Utah forests

    WASATCH NATIONAL FOREST, Utah — An invasive species has spread like a disease through Utah’s forests, killing thousands of trees. The problem isn’t going away, but the Forest Service and arborists are trying to work together to make the best of the situation. “We are just trying to make it a healthier forest, and, obviously, with the dead trees, it doesn’t look very healthy right now,” said Rick Schuler, District Ranger for the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. The bark beetles are […]

  • Skeleton of dinosaur first unearthed 155 years ago now being excavated

    MOAB, Utah – The first dinosaur remains in Utah were discovered 155 years ago, but because of the difficult terrain the dinosaur had never been fully excavated. But crews are now working to complete the excavation. The dig site is along an exposed cliff face overlooking a valley, and paleontologists, like Rebecca Hunt-Foster, said excavating the dinosaur, a sauropod that roamed the area in the Jurassic Period, was a daunting task. “It’s definitely not an easy site, to get to,” […]

  • AirMed helps Tooele teen with muscular dystrophy fulfill airborne ambition

    TOOELE, Utah — Since he can remember, 18-year-old Sean Anderson has always wanted to fly. It just seemed so impossible, with the ventilator and oxygen tanks he carries to keep him alive. “Anything you do with Sean, any time he leaves home, it’s like Hannibal crossing the Alps,” said his father, Eric Anderson. “All the stuff you have to take, the planning and logistics involved, it gets pretty crazy sometimes.” Sean has muscular dystrophy and autism. His speech is limited, […]


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