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  • Restaurant owner seeks zoning change to allow patio seating at Avenues Bistro on Third

    SALT LAKE CITY — Tucked between a house and a barber shop in Salt Lake City is just enough room for breakfast, lunch and dinner inside the Avenues Bistro on Third. “Our opening date was Feb. 29, on Leap Year, 2012,” said restaurant owner, Kathie Chadbourne. The bistro is Chadbourne’s first restaurant. It’s a place where she’s quite literally put down roots in a garden and watched business grow for the last couple years. “It’s been unbelievable,” Chadbourne said. “It’s […]

  • Draper community remembers Sgt. Derek Johnson one year after death

    DRAPER, Utah — The Draper community came together to honor Sgt. Derek Johnson Monday night, one year after he was killed in the line of duty. The Draper police officer was shot and killed after he stopped to check on a car that was unusually parked along the side of a road. While most were celebrating a national holiday, Labor Day looked a little different at Draper Historic Park. “Today is harder than it was a year ago because today […]

  • Family plans fundraiser for infant who is in critical condition after being found in garbage can

    KEARNS, Utah — A 5-day-old baby is fighting for her life after police found her nearly dead in a garbage can in Kearns on Tuesday. Her mother, Alicia Englert, is accused of trying to kill her. As the baby remains in critical condition, some of Englert’s cousins are starting a fundraiser to make sure she has something when, as they put it, she’s released from the hospital. Vania Schmidt spoke about their efforts: “All the negativity and the focus on […]

  • Parents, experts discuss mental health of woman accused of putting infant in trash

    KEARNS, Utah — According to police, Alicia Englert of Kearns tried to commit murder and cover it up, concealing her pregnancy for months and then discarding the infant in a garbage can. But the Englert family is painting a different picture of the 23 year old, who lived in her parents’ home. “She has a disability, a learning disability. She doesn’t comprehend stuff like everybody else does,” said Robert Englert. According to Englert, his daughter was born with a severe […]

  • Murray man accused of trapping kittens with rat traps speaks out

    MURRAY, Utah —  A Murray man is accused of torturing animals after a neighbor found kittens trapped and shoved in his trash can, according to police. Stephen Lacy was arrested Saturday and charged with five counts of torture of a companion animal. “I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it,” said Ray Knuteson, who lives next door to Lacy. Knuteson said he could hear the sound of meowing for hours Saturday morning, but wasn’t sure where it was coming from. […]

  • Visiting Salt Lake City the subject of satire in recent Onion production

    SALT LAKE CITY — For those looking to visit Utah, you should know, you can leave at any time. That’s the message of a new tourism ad posted by the satirical online magazine, The Onion. It’s a one minute clip showing the attractions of our state, all the while reminding people they don’t have to see any of it. A narrator starts off the video saying, “Welcome to Salt Lake City, Utah’s picturesque state capitol and a gateway to the […]

  • Family of woman burned by tainted tea served at Dickey’s discusses her recovery

    SALT LAKE CITY – A woman was critically injured after she drank a cup of a restaurant’s sweet tea that had been tainted by cleaning chemicals, and Thursday the woman’s family spoke to the media and said it looks like Jan Harding is going to survive. Harding, 67, drank the tea at a Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant in South Jordan on August 10, and she suffered internal burns. A former Dickey’s employee spoke to FOX 13 News about how the cleaning […]

  • Mom outraged, employee on leave after student served lunch from trash can

    UPDATE: School district officials spoke Thursday about the incident and the steps they have taken in response, click here for details. Previous story continues below. PLEASANT GROVE, Utah — A mother in Pleasant Grove is furious with staff at the city’s junior high school after she said they fed her daughter lunch out of a trash can. Sierra Prince is a special needs student in the 8th grade at Pleasant Grove Junior High School. While Wednesday was only her second […]

  • War on cybercrimes priority for FBI

    SALT LAKE CITY — At any moment all around the world, a crime is being committed online. A map by cyber security group, Norse, shows it happening in real time, pinpointing where the attack is coming from and who it’s against. “We’re facing criminals who are sitting in their basements halfway around the world thinking it’s a freebie to steal Americans’ identity and their money. And they’re moving at the speed of light, said James Comey, director of the Federal […]

  • Woman improves after drinking tainted tea from Dickey’s

    SOUTH JORDAN, Utah — The Salt Lake County District Attorney’s office will be weighing in on the case of a woman who bought a toxic cup of tea from a Dickey’s Barbecue in South Jordan. On Monday, authorities said they finished their investigation into the incident and would be handing the case over to have it screened for criminal charges. “We still don’t know if it’s going to rise to a criminal level, but we want to make sure with […]

  • Rebecca Rackley, a former employee of a Dickey's in South Jordan, spoke to FOX 13 News about the toxic mix that wound up in a woman's tea.

    Former Dickey’s employee: Restaurant knew about toxic mix that ended up in tea

    SOUTH JORDAN, Utah – A 67-year-old woman remains in critical condition after she suffered chemical burns due to tea tainted by a cleaning compound. Now a former employee at the restaurant where the tea was served says the incident could have been avoided. Harding was hospitalized after drinking sweet tea that contained the chemical sodium hydroxide, and Rebecca Rackley tells FOX 13 News she is the one who mixed the chemical into the sugar—but she said that was done weeks ago […]

  • Family of woman critically injured after drinking tainted tea speaks

    SOUTH JORDAN, Utah — Jim and Jan Harding have been standing side by side since August of 1968, a date that today is hard to count down to when her days could be numbered. “A week from tomorrow will be 46 years,” said Jim Harding. “I just want to get to it and be able to celebrate it.” Jan Harding has been in critical condition since Sunday, when she visited the Dickey’s Barbecue in South Jordan and was served a […]


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