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  • Blogger says boss fired him due to assumption about homophones and homosexuality

    PROVO, Utah — Do you know what a homophone is? That was the question that a blogger from Provo said got him fired from his job at a learning center. According to Tim Torkildson, his boss at Nomen Global Language Center thought the word was associated with homosexuality, so he let him go. “I was taken by surprise when he just said, ‘You’re gone,’” Torkildson said. A writer, Torkildson landed a position as a social media coordinator at the center […]

  • Utah sculptor’s work to be featured in Little League Baseball’s 75th anniversary

    OREM, Utah — In June of 1939, a group of young baseball players stepped onto a field in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and made history. That was the start of Little League Baseball in the U.S., and this year marks the 75th anniversary. Now, the city is enlisting the help of a man from Orem to plan their celebration during the Little League World Series. “This is a dream job,” said Matt Glenn, the owner of Big Statues in Provo. A few […]

  • Poll shows 4th District race between Love, Owens could be close

    SALT LAKE CITY — When you look at the campaign spending, the numbers couldn’t be more telling about who’s ahead in Utah’s 4th Congressional District Race, with Mia Love banking about four times more than Doug Owens. But on Monday, Owens was touting some new numbers that he believes are quickly closing that gap. “She’s spent a tremendous amount of money, already. And the poll is showing a very competitive race,” Owens said. The Owens campaign released the results of […]

  • Couple alleges discrimination at pool

    Gay couple alleges discrimination at Layton pool, city officials offer conflicting story

    LAYTON, Utah — There is a long list of rules that greets swimmers at the Layton Surf and Swim, but guests Vanessa Higgs and Shandra Adams weren’t aware they were breaking any during their visit on Thursday. “I wasn’t even there an hour before I got asked to leave,” Adams said. According to the couple, they were planning on spending the afternoon at the pool when their visit was suddenly cut short by a lifeguard on duty. “We were just […]

  • Fundraising effort aims to help those with special needs access pool for therapy

    SALT LAKE CITY — Finding the words can sometimes be tough for Anna-Marie Rowley’s 11 year old daughter. “What’s your name? You can’t talk?” she asked. But maybe all you need to hear is her first name to understand why hope never leaves their family. “What’s your name?” Rowley asked again. A moment later, she finally responds. “Hope, Hope, your baby.” Born with part of her brain missing, the doctors didn’t expect Hope Rowley to live more than a year. […]

  • Alpine Fire close

    City officials react to fire sparked by target shooting near Alpine

    ALPINE, Utah — A wildfire started caused by target shooting in Alpine on Wednesday is sparking frustration from city officials. “In our Alpine city, definitely no shooting,” City Mayor Don Watkins said. Just feet away from Lambert Park in the city, a teenager was practicing his shot on U.S. Forest Service land when the surrounding brush suddenly caught fire. In total, the fire burned approximately 2.5 acres. While Alpine prohibits target shooting this time of year, the USFS allows the […]

  • Fire crews continue to battle blazes in Tooele County

    TOOELE COUNTY, Utah — On a nearly 100-degree day, it seems to only be getting hotter in Tooele County, as the skyline has been filling with smoke since Monday. “It’s just one of those things that can be a watch out situation for firefighters,” said Kim Osborn, spokeswoman for the Anaconda Fire. Changing winds and the temperature helped the fire burn through about 1,100 acres, getting dangerously close to several homes on Monday night. By Tuesday, it was about 25 […]

  • Anaconda fire homes

    Update: Blackhawks called in to fight Anaconda fire in Tooele County

    TOOELE COUNTY, Utah – The Utah National Guard said Blackhawk helicopters have been called in to help fight the unpredictable Anaconda fire in Tooele County. Cooler conditions overnight helped fire crews gain ground on the blaze but it flared back up Tuesday. Officials said the fire is threatening several homes. Erratic winds kept the flames moving all night and residents say they are worried about which direction the blaze will head next. “The concern is the fire could shift potentially, […]

  • Family of woman found murdered in SLC hotel room demand answers

    SALT LAKE CITY — The family of a woman found murdered inside a Salt Lake City hotel room are demanding answers in the case. Holly Nicole Carges, 34, was found dead inside the Royal Garden Inn, located in downtown Salt Lake City. According to police, hotel management contacted them around 9:00 a.m. Thursday. Initially, authorities called the death suspicious, but by Friday morning they changed it to a homicide case. “We just want to know that she didn’t suffer,” said […]

  • Police confirm murder investigation after woman’s body found in SLC hotel room

    SALT LAKE CITY – Salt Lake City Police Department officials said they are now investigating a homicide after a woman was found dead in a local hotel room Thursday morning. According to information from Salt Lake City police, hotel management at 154 W. 600 S. called authorities at about 9 a.m. when they found the body of a 34-year-old woman in a room. Police did not provide the name of the hotel but the address provided is for the Royal […]

  • Grandma in Cottonwood Heights foils man’s burglary attempt

    COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah — An alleged thief in Cottonwood Heights was no match for a grandmother who caught him red handed, according to police. Thursday afternoon, Candy Flitton was working in the garage with her husband when they noticed a man walking up and down their street. “My husband was just sitting there working on his little car and finishing up, and he was asking him questions about it, silly questions that didn’t really make sense,” Flitton said. The grandmother […]

  • Salt Lake City street to become slip and slide on Saturday

    SALT LAKE CITY — This Saturday, Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City will be transformed into a massive slip and slide. For the second year, Slide the City will construct a slide along the city’s streets, but this will be twice the size of the last one. “It’s 1,000-feet long, 22-feet wide, with a 77-foot pool at the end,” said T.R. Gourley, who is the event coordinator. The slide will line Main Street between 300 North and North Temple […]