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  • LDS Church makes women’s meeting official part of general conference

    SALT LAKE CITY – A slight change to the name of a semi-annual women’s meeting put on by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints suggests a big change in how the LDS Church is working with its female members. According to LDS Church spokeswoman Jessica Moody, the meeting will now be considered part of the semi-annual general conference, which is always held separately. “The First Presidency has decided that the General Women’s Meeting will be designated as the […]

  • Darrien Hunt 1

    Search warrant explains Darrien Hunt shooting, drug use

    SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah – Drug use, hallucinations and death threats; a document from the Utah County attorney reveals more about Darrien Hunt and what led officers to shoot him. In the Utah County Attorney’s affidavit supporting a search warrant unsealed Wednesday, officers reveal what led to the shooting Sept. 10., from their perspective. Officers called about man with sword The affidavit states two Saratoga Springs officers were called to check on a suspicious person reported walking with a “samurai-like” sword […]

  • Mom sobs over official Darrien Hunt autopsy report

    SALT LAKE CITY — The family of a man shot and killed by police in Saratoga Springs said a new autopsy report proves the officers involved acted unjustly. The State Medical Examiner’s office found Darrien Hunt, 22, was shot six times by police, with some of the shots hitting Hunt from behind. “People are trying to justify killing my son. ‘He had to have been drunk. He had to have been on drugs,’ so that means the cops can kill […]

  • Steven Powell arrested on possession of child pornography

    WASHINGTON STATE — The father-in-law of Susan Cox Powell, who disappeared in 2009, was arrested Monday on a charge of possessing child pornography. Steven Powell was already convicted of 14 counts of voyeurism in 2012, after investigators discovered photographs he had taken of two young girls who lived next door. However, before the trial began, the judge dismissed the child pornography charge.  As a result, prosecutors filed and won an appeal, prompting them to reinstate the charge. “At times, it […]

  • Neighborhood celebrates Halloween and Christmas early for child with terminal prognosis

    WEST JORDAN, Utah — On a 70-degree day in the middle of fall, it seems the seasons don’t apply to a neighborhood in West Jordan, where a glimmer of hope hung from every home Thursday night. “It’s Christmas on a Friday here in October. I got tombstones for Halloween, mixed with some lights for that guy over there, for Ethan,” said neighbor Landon Wells. Down the street, in front of Ethan Van Leuven’s house, it was more of the same. […]

  • annie-kasprzak

    Court documents: Pregnancy announcement a possible motive in 2012 murder

    SALT LAKE CITY — A few days after they pulled her body from the Jordan River, Annie Kasprzak gave investigators a major clue, penned just before she was killed. According to a search warrant affidavit, Kasprzak’s day planner had a notation on March 1, 2012 stating, “(boyfriend) finds out.” Kasprzak’s parents explained that was when the 15 year old told her boyfriend she was pregnant with his baby. However, in the document, her parents told investigators that they had recently […]

  • Battle for Mulligans Golf Course continues

    SOUTH JORDAN, Utah — On the outskirts of a pristine 67-acre property is an ongoing fight about what to do with it in South Jordan. “Thousands have filled out petitions throughout the years, and somehow, that’s not good enough for this South Jordan City Council,” said Janalee Tobias of the group, Save Mulligans. With the help of the grass-roots organization, Tobias has been battling it out with city officials over the Mulligans Golf Course, a dispute they now believe they’ve […]

  • Woman accused of leaving newborn in trash can bails out of jail

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — The Kearns woman charged with attempted murder after her baby was found in a neighbor’s garbage can was released from jail Monday night. As she exited the Salt Lake County Jail, Alicia Englert, 23, spoke to FOX 13 about the case. “I’m embarrassed and it shouldn’t have happened,” Englert said. Prosecutors contend Englert secretly gave birth to a baby girl in August, and then did not feed the infant for more than a day before […]

  • Family releases autopsy results of Darrien Hunt, who was fatally shot by police

    SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah – The family of Darrien Hunt, the 22 year-old shot to death by police in Saratoga Springs, released the findings of an autopsy they paid for Friday afternoon. That autopsy, conducted by a former chief medical examiner for Utah, indicates Hunt was shot five to six times, with several shots in the back. “I think they’re covering something up, and they’re trying to find anything they can to justify their actions,” said Hunt’s mother, Susan Hunt, during […]

  • Proposed bill would outfit all Utah law enforcement officers with body cameras

    SALT LAKE CITY — The NAACP of Utah and a state Republican lawmaker are teaming up to try to get a body camera for every Utah law enforcement officer. Representative Dan McCay of Riverton and NAACP Tri-State President Jeanetta Williams are working together to write a bill for the upcoming legislative session that would require all police officers in the state to wear body cameras on the job. “Body cams are really the best opportunity for us to be in […]

  • Feminist gamer won’t speak at Utah schools until guns prohibited

    LOGAN, Utah — Anita Sarkeesian, a popular online video game critic and outspoken feminist, is outraged at the way the Utah State University handled terroristic-type threats that were made against her if she spoke at the university this week. Wednesday, Sarkeesian spoke to FOX 13 News after death threats and Utah’s laws regarding guns on campus prompted her to cancel an appearance at Utah State University. I won't be speaking at any Utah institution again until such time as firearms […]

  • Utah District Court closed to remember ‘founder of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade’

    WEST JORDAN, Utah — Columbus Day is meant to commemorate when Christopher Columbus landed in the New World in October of 1492. But the holiday has stirred up debate in the past. While known for his discovery, Columbus is also recognized for establishing a route between Europe and the Americas, which led to slavery and colonization. On Monday, an unnamed Utah District Court employee pointed out the controversy in the holiday, with a voicemail recording that some didn’t find so […]


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