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Ashton came to Fox 13 in 2014 from KSTU’s sister station KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City. Utah is her new home but she will always be an Oklahoman at heart. Boomer Sooner!

Recent Articles
  • skydiver Luke Aikins

    World-class skydiver to jump from plane without parachute

    Imagine jumping out of a plane, only without a parachute.  Skydiver Luke  Aikins, of Washington State, is preparing to do just that. Saturday the world-class skydiver is going to jump from a plane in California without a parachute or even a flying suit. Instead, his plan is to land on a 100-foot by 100-foot safety net positioned 200 feet off the ground. He will be traveling at about 120 mph when is body hits the net. The 42-year-old husband and […]

  • Corporal Patrick Ray, 30, saved 2-year-old Bexley's life a year ago. They celebrated that fateful day a year later with a tea party.

    Officer saved girl’s life, then they had a tea party

    ROWLETT, Texas – This is the cutest thing you’ll see all day — maybe even all week. A fully uniformed police officer sitting in a tiny chair, at a tiny table, with a tiny girl — having a tea party. Corporal Patrick Ray, 30, saved 2-year-old Bexley’s life a year ago when she choked on a coin at her home in Rowlett, Texas. “Her lips were completely blue,” her mother, Tammy Norvell, 41, told CNN. She called 911, and Ray […]

  • Harvey Milk Postage Stamp

    US Navy intends to name ship after Harvey Milk

    The Navy has sent congressional notification that it intends to name a new oiler ship Harvey Milk, a US Navy official confirmed Friday to CNN. The Navy is declining to comment further until the official naming announcement. Harvey Milk was a San Francisco politician and gay rights activist. He was murdered in 1978.

  • Fatal crash on I-15 NB at 600 S. - Utah Highway Patrol

    Woman killed in wreck on I-15 NB that left traffic at a standstill

    SALT LAKE CITY – A 34-year-old woman was killed in a wreck that took traffic to a standstill on I-15 Friday morning. The Utah Highway Patrol said Amber Orencole of Midvale died in the wreck at 600 S. on I-15 northbound. Troopers said a grass fire closed one lane and compounded the usual morning rush-hour traffic. Orencole, in a silver GMC pickup truck, hit her brakes, lost control and went sideways into another lane. A white semi truck in that lane T-boned her truck, instantly killing […]

  • promo294075052

    Bloopers: The hilariously embarrassing things you missed on Fox 13

  • Courtesy: Jeniffer Lendeborg

    Aliens? UFO? ‘Space junk’ lights up Utah sky

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah –   People across the western United States saw mysterious lights streak across the sky late Wednesday night and lit up social media with videos. Utah NASA Ambassador Patrick Wiggins confirms it  is a “rocket body” or “rocket booster” from a Chinese space craft falling toward earth. Satview tracks satellites and estimates the “space junk” from China’s CZ-7 R/B rocket will reenter the atmosphere early Thursday morning. Callers from Idaho to St. George flooded police dispatch and the […]

  • promo293996559

    One killed after truck rolls 250 feet down ravine in Butterfield Canyon

    BUTTERFIELD CANYON, Utah – One person is dead and two are injured after a truck rolled 250 feet down a ravine near Herriman. Unified Police said the truck left the road and then rolled at 9500 W. Butterfield Canyon Rd. near the Herriman-Tooele line Thursday morning. Bailey Lynne Rupe, 18 of Layton, was killed in the crash. A 15-year-old boy and 16-year-old girl were injured in the crash.  Officers said the 15-year-old boy called 911. According to Unified Police, the truck is […]

  • carjack1

    Dash cam records driver using pressure washer to fight off carjackers

    SHREVEPORT, La. – These would-be carjackers picked a poor place to try and rob someone. Michael Davis was washing his car at 2 a.m. last Wednesday when a man demanded his keys and money at gunpoint. “He said, ‘Give me your keys and your money,’ and I said, ‘What’d you say?’ and I took the sprayer and just sprayed it right in his face,” Davis told KSLA. The dash cam in Davis’ car captured the moment as he hosed down the man, […]

  • computer1

    Child porn case ‘one of the worst we’ve encountered,’ police say — 15-year-old arrested

    CANADIAN COUNTY, Okla. — Authorities in Oklahoma arrested a 15-year-old earlier this month in what they are calling “one of the worst” cases of child pornography they have encountered. Authorities were alerted to a high volume of graphic pre-pubescent child pornography being distributed from a home in Mustang, Oklahoma, according to KFOR. When investigators with the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office showed up at the home on July 19 to execute a search warrant, the 15-year-old reportedly opened the door and quickly closed it. […]

  • sesame2

    ‘F’ is for ‘fired’: Actors who play Bob, Gordon and Luis let go from Sesame Street

    NEW YORK — A veteran star of “Sesame Street” is saying today’s story is brought to you by the letter “F” — for “fired.” Bob McGrath, who has played “Bob” on the long running series since 1969, recently told an audience at Florida Supercon that he “has been graciously let go” from the show, along with Roscoe Orman, who played Gordon, and Emilio Delgado, who played Luis. “I have completed my 45th season this year,” McGrath said. “And the show […]

  • promo293996613

    LDS church pulling missionaries out of Turkey after failed coup

    TURKEY – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is pulling its missionaries out of Turkey. The LDS church said 15 volunteers serving in Turkey are being transferred to Germany after the failed coup attempt earlier this month. LDS church officials said they anticipate the volunteers will return to Turkey when conditions improve. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released a statement about volunteers in Turkey: The Church has transferred 15 young volunteers serving in Turkey to […]

  • Missing Charles Devoe

    Missing, endangered man from Millcreek found in good health

    MILLCREEK, Utah – The endangered man missing from Millcreek has been found in good health. Police said Charles Devoe was found safe at about 2:40 p.m. Thursday but did not say where he was located. He had been missing from the Canyon Rum Care Center at 2700 E. 3300 S. since 8 p.m. Wednesday. Officers said he did not have his medication and his needs were “critical.”


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