Headlights illuminate Ohio couple’s first dance as traffic jam delays wedding reception

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OHIO — Many couples will forever remember the moment they had their first dance under the spotlights at their wedding reception, but for one couple it was headlights and a highway as they took their first turns together as a twosome.

Levi Curby shot the footage of a couple in their wedding attire dancing amid a massive traffic jam in Ohio. The couple from Dayton, who wished to remain anonymous, said the traffic jam threatened to keep them from their wedding reception that night.

Several people filmed the dance, and at one point the groom gave an excited cheer and both offered a thumbs up after hearing “there’s a bunch of people watching” on Facebook live. See the video above for the dance, which is courtesy of Levi Curby Media.

Curby posted a second video documenting the couple’s journey to the reception and their ultimately triumphant arrival.