Recipe: How to cook the fish you catch

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Mike Slater, DWR Regional Sportfish Coordinator and Scott Root, DWR regional Conservation Outreach Mgr tell us how to filet a fish, plus an easy two ingredient recipe to fry them.

Fish Fry Recipe:

Simply mix pancake batter with one can of lemon lime soda, coat each piece of fish in the batter and fry in a frying pan. Serve with fry sauce.

Right now is a great time to go fishing:

-DWR stocked approximately 70,000 10-12 inch rainbow trout at Deer Creek Reservoir State Park last week.

-Jordanelle Reservoir State Park will be stocked with tens of thousands of trout very soon.

-Fish is good for you!

-DWR's website is a great source of information for for all things fishing-related (stocking report, community fish ponds in the state, buy a fishing license online, regional fishing reports, etc.). You can find it here.