‘Healing Homes’ offer solace to families in SLC to fight cancer

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SALT LAKE CITY -- A new place for families supporting their loved ones undergoing a certain cancer treatment has been built in Salt Lake City's Avenues next to LDS Hospital.

It's been a project three years in the making, and it's called, "Healing Homes and Outdoor Gardens."

Three newly remodeled homes comprised of five units each have been set aside for families who are supporting a loved one being treated with blood and marrow transplants, or BMTs.

"LDS Hospital is one of only two programs in the Intermountain West that specialize in this type of treatment," explained Jim Sheets, the CEO of LDS Hospital. "We have hundreds of people come from across the area to be treated here, and their families want to come with them and usually have to stay at a hotel, and that is just another stress and another expense they have to endure."

Sheets said these homes were built with the whole community involved, and a couple of those who helped were also directly connected to the cancer fight.

The new homes are expected to be functional by mid-October and will house about 150 families every year.