High winds rekindle attic fire at SLC home

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SALT LAKE CITY — High winds rekindled a fire that damaged an attic on a Salt Lake City home Saturday.

Crews first responded to the home, 418 S. University Street, at 5:04 a.m. on Saturday. Five college students were displaced after an electrical malfunction in the attic sparked a blaze, according to Salt Lake City fire.

The flames were contained to the attic causing about $20,000 in damage. Jasen Asay, spokesman for the fire department, said crews remained on scene throughout the day to make sure all hot spots were put out.

The interior of the house was not damaged.

At 9:20 a.m. Sunday, one of the college students returned to the house to pick up some personal items. While there, Asay said, the student saw smoke and called the fire department.

Asay said smoldering was discovered in the insulation of the attic. With the windy weather, the hot spot was ignited into flames.

The interior of the house remained unscathed but, Asay said, the roof will now eventually need to be replaced.


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  • John

    Very lucky of the student to return home when he did.Even though a fair number of insulation types contain fire retardant materials, the flames can still be spread by high winds, as in this case.

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