Strong winds cause damages in northern Utah

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THE WASATCH FRONT, Utah – It was a wild, windy night for those in Davis and Weber Counties Thursday as strong gusts buffeted the area, and the winds continued into Friday.

Weather advisories have been issued for parts of Utah this weekend, click here for more details.

Farmington resident Dorren Caballero recently moved to the area, and her shed was damaged by the severe storm.

"I have no regrets moving here, I lost a shed, I'm actually still paying on the shed, and so I'll pay it off but I won't be getting another shed,” she said.

Similar stories were reported in Farmington, Centerville and West Bountiful. Some saw trampolines blow away while others lost fences and basketball hoops.

FOX 13 News’ Scott McKane was in Farmington to survey the damage, see the video above for more details.