Man recovering after brutal attack at SLC club

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A man lost 2.5 liters of blood when he was attacked at a Salt Lake City club early Saturday morning.

Jake Allred was with some friends at Maxwell's, 357 S Main Street, when another man approached him around midnight. Allred said the man called him a homophobic slur and smashed a cocktail glass into the left side of his forehead.

"I was just bleeding all over the place. There was blood everywhere. My pants were soaked, my shoes were soaked in blood, my shirt - everything was just caked," Allred said.

Justin Little, one of Allred's friends, was just entering the club shortly after the incident. Allred called out to Little for help, and Little yelled to a bouncer to get a towel and an ambulance. Little said one of the bouncers at the establishment interacted with the assailant and allowed him to leave.

"Apparently, there was no cameras inside. None of the [Maxwell's] staff got his information. They let him go," Allred said.

Paramedics transported Allred to the University of Utah Medical Center, where he was given 20 internal stitches, to close the inner part of his wound and three ruptured arteries, and 26 external stitches.

Allred was released from the hospital Sunday afternoon. Salt Lake City police are investigating the incident.